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Today’s top-performing salons and spas earn 3.7 times higher per-store revenue than the industry average. One key strategy employed by those top businesses is focusing on a high frequency of package sales.

Whether you enjoy a full appointment book or have an aggressive acquisition strategy, every client that walks through the door is an opportunity to expand your revenue – packages are one effective way to turn that opportunity into an achievement.

By bundling popular services with complementary add-on treatments or retail products – or offering a series of treatments at a discount – you’ll drive higher revenue and greater guest loyalty.

Top-performing brands on Zenoti sell service and retail product bundles up to 10 times more often than their industry peers.

Source: Achieving greatness: The beauty and wellness excellence report

The benefits of selling packages

From the customer point-of-view, packages deliver a greater level of pampering – a more comprehensive or frequent service for a slight increase in price. For your business, aside from the obvious dollar boost, you can highlight new or lesser-known products and treatments by bundling them with popular services. You can also offer seasonal package promotions around the holidays or the “moms, dads, and grads” season.

In addition to extra revenue, packages also deliver a heightened guest experience and can cultivate customer loyalty. By bundling different services, your service providers can offer a more luxurious experience and showcase more of their expertise than they would for a guest visit that’s just for ‘the usual’. Bundles help you set a new standard for service and improve the chance of higher spends in the future.

How to maximize package sales

You already know what resonates with your guests, so don’t let rigid bundle options stand in the way of a fabulous visit. To deliver personalized service that really connects with guests, flexible packages are a must – perfectly tailored to your customer trends and your business.

Zenoti packages emphasize that flexibility and ensure the right experience for each guest:  

  • Our single software platform gives you brand consistency across all locations. Deploy the same package options to all stores, easily redeemable at any of your locations.
  • Each guest has flexible purchasing and payment options in store, via an app, or online.
  • You can easily offer exclusive discounts to package guests. For example, Zenoti salons and spas can serve up discounted retail products that complement or complete a particular treatment.  

… And seamless ease for your staff:

  • Set up, edit, and duplicate packages in minutes, with minimal staff training.
  • Save time with a POS that keeps track of package purchases, redemptions, and refunds.
  • Prevent package misuse thanks to additional controls and SMS verification.
“Zenoti's customizable packages are easy for our front desk to work with. Pulling up a guest balance is easy, fast, and always accurate. We see what treatments were redeemed – which makes bookings, check-ins and check-outs fast.”

- Pallavi Prabhakar, Head of Support & Quality Control, Oliva medical spa

If you would like to begin creating packages or would like to build upon a current package strategy, here are three considerations to get started.

Three package ideas to drive revenue and guest satisfaction

Add-ons with popular services

The most basic package sales strategy is to create a package with two complementing services. For instance, package up a smoothing hair treatment with a color service, or a cleansing scrub with a massage. To drive interest for a new add-on treatment, bundle it with a popular service at an attractive price.

Services and retail products

When guests return to using hair and beauty products from their local drug store or supermarket, results from a professional treatment quickly fade. With that scenario in mind, create packages that combine relevant, recommended retail products with guests’ favorite services. Then tell them the combination will help them maintain great results for weeks and months post-visit.

Series packages

Lock in some recurring revenue while promoting guest retention and a full appointment book.  Package a bundle of multiple instances of the same treatment to occur within a set time period. Take a service that requires regular maintenance, like waxing or nails, and create an offer along the lines of “six visits in six months – for the price of five.”

Ready to get started?

Offering flexible, tailored packages is an excellent strategy to improve guest satisfaction and your bottom line. If you’re already picturing a range of bundles that would be a hit with your guests, remember this: to ensure packages are seamless and successful, it’s essential to have the right technology in place. Implement software that makes building packages easy, lets you promote and sell them both online and in-store, and keeps track of redemptions efficiently.

Video transcript

How can you turn one-time guests into long-time loyalists? With flexible options for product and service packages, Zenoti does what others can’t.

Instead of rigid bundles your guests won’t use, Zenoti leaves the creativity up to you. Craft packages based on your guests’ unique beauty and wellness desires – and your business goals.

Tailor-made blends of products and services will keep them coming back for more. Especially when they can redeem them at any store, anytime. And, without starting from scratch each time, you can create custom options quick, in just two clicks. Clone an existing package, adjust to your current needs – like seasonality – and launch it with confidence in just seconds.

Zenoti even knows when a package upsell is the right move, and prompts staff to offer a service package at checkout to clients while rebooking. Who can resist those savings?

Plus, it’s easy to sweeten the deal with flexible BOGO offers, or discounts for clients who bought packages in the past. And if the package total gives the guest sticker shock, Zenoti offers flexible payment options, so every guest can get in on the feeling of package perfection.

Give your guests a guaranteed win, and dependable income you can count on, with easy to create, delightful to use, packages from Zenoti – does what others can’t.


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