Drive growth with personalized marketing campaigns

Deploy campaigns across your entire network in one click and segment your audience base into highly relevant subsections with micro-targeting capabilities.
Wellness industry employee explaining about the product to client

Fill your appointment book

Leverage customer profile data to segment and target specific individuals with personalized messages and promotions for services and products they are most likely to book and buy.

Drive consistent revenue

Implement new opportunity campaigns and easily track follow-ups to encourage membership renewals and maintain recurring revenue. These could be special offers that fill chairs, new promotions, and when a membership or a package is about to expire!

Expand brand reach

Build brand advocates by rewarding loyal customers who refer your services. Track effectiveness with referral reports that break down referrer and referee awards, accrual and redemptions of the awards, and number of guests referred by each referrer.

Launch in a single tap

Create, share, and deploy marketing campaigns across your entire network, a single region, or even a single center with just one tap! Analyze campaign effectiveness and identify what’s not working by mapping performance and ROI to each marketing program.

Increase retention

Nurture long-lasting relationships without the time commitment! Quickly design visually appealing customer emails by utilizing our predefined templates or choose to build your own using a HTML rich text editor that does all the hard work for you.

Did you know?

Zenoti customers increase conversions
up to 60%
through audience segmentation.

Acquire and nurture customers with a marketing solution that’s tailor-made for your unique needs

From filling your appointment book to boosting guest engagement and increasing average spend, Zenoti Marketing gives you more.


Assess performance insights for multiple campaigns and deepen your understanding of audience behaviors.

Contextual campaigns

Organize your customers based on their interactions and send relevant text messages and emailers for announcements or promotional campaigns.


Convert opportunities into customers with advanced micro-segmentation capabilities and 10+ out-of-box segments available for immediate implementation.

POS integration

Ensure your front desk team is always in sync with your marketing efforts by displaying relevant offers for redemption in the POS.

Predefined templates

Get campaigns up and running fast with responsive templates, such as overdue appointment reminders and much more!

Cashback campaigns

Auto-generate coupon codes and integrate with cashback campaigns to incentivize guests to return and to nurture growth prospects.

Predictive analytics

Eliminate slow days with automated messages and emails that target open spots in your appointment book.

Franchise and multi-center support

Create campaigns at the corporate level and push to all or specific locations from one central location.

An integrated system

Promote marketing offers to your Webstore and social media channels with omnichannel integration.

Always on campaigns

Contact guests with automated messages based on pre-defined conditions, such as their birthday or time since last visit.

Consistent brand standards

Maintain a consistent look and feel across all locations by predefining your brand elements in our centralized marketing function.

Privacy and compliance

Enjoy peace of mind knowing our platform complies with global regulations, including SOC, CAN-SPAM, and GDPR, and protects your data.
One of the features that really attracted us to Zenoti was the marketing module. You can target the segments and really deliver marketing messages to specific people. Since implementation, we have seen a larger response rate to our marketing messages.
Mike & Tracey Nass, Owner
Indrani Salon & Spa
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Learn how to maximize revenue with marketing campaigns.

Beauty and wellness owners invest a lot of money in developing the right services, designing the right ambiance, training staff, and attracting customers through marketing campaigns. However, many overlook the significant revenue that existing customers contribute.
Discover how to build low-cost, straightforward strategies that encourage your existing customers to spend more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can salon management software help in marketing my salon?

The primary way how a salon management software helps in vastly improving the marketing game of your salon, is by removing the guess work from equation. By analysing each and every transaction, the salon management software shows what offerings are working or not working for your salon. Thereafter, based on the data, and the targeted client demographic group, the software helps you by suggesting ideas for new marketing campaign. By leveraging technology, businesses no longer have to do any guess work. Multiple studies have shown that by deploying a salon management software, businesses have been able to execute marketing campaigns with success rate as high a 70%, and reduce their overheads expenditure by upto 30%.

Can I personalize messages and promotions for different customer segments with the Zenoti marketing feature?

Zenoti’s marketing management module is your one stop solution to improve your marketing game by  taking  informed  decisions.  Designed  to  work  intuitively  and  delve  deep  into  data  analytics,  the Zenoti  Marketing  feature  allows  you  to  leverage  customer  profiles  and  target  clients  with  highly personalized  offers  that  have  a  very  high  acceptability  ratio.  By  applying  the  process  of  audience segmentation,  Zenoti  marketing  feature sends  automated  texts  or  emails  that  are  based  on  the individual guest’s preferences and helps you in increasing the average spend of each customer. As a result the software allows you to build nurturing and lasting relationship with clients, and as a result increase the conversion ratio of personalized offers to upto 60%. The marketing feature allows you to extend personalization by sending highly attractive deals to the clients on their special days such as birthdays and anniversaries.

How can Zenoti marketing help me increase my business revenue?

Zenoti marketing works in multiple ways to increase the revenue of the business. It works by leveraging and analyzing the sales data to ensure that your business sees a constant stream of revenue and increased average spend per client. By using a feature what is known as ‚Äėalways on campaign‚Äô ‚Äď it sends automated notifications or text messages that are suited to client‚Äôs purchase history to not only expand your brand‚Äôs outreach but also provide them with great deals. As a result, Zenoti marketing ensures that your appointment book is always filled well in advance. By providing client specific offers the software ensures that the relationship between the business and the client is long lasting and that the business has higher client retention ratio.

Dominic Blake, Blushes Hair & Beauty
Dominic Blake
Managing Director, Blushes Hair & Beauty
Isabel Steward, Douglas J Companies
Isabel Steward
Director of Guest Service, Douglas J Companies
Brendon Mann, Epic Hair Designs
Brendon Mann
Director, Epic Hair Designs

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