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The May product update includes a host of new features and enhancements. The update brings in new look and feel of Appointment Book, improved guest feedback feature, enhancements to Memberships, Webstore and more.

Appointment Book

New Appointment Book Look and Feel

We have replaced the bright colors on the Appointment Book with subtle colors. These new, muted colors are not just easier on the eye, they are also easier on users who have trouble distinguishing colors. Don’t worry, everything else inside your Appointment Book will remain the same. Read the Help article

New Appointment Book Look and Feel

Uber-Like Guest Feedback

Earlier, guests could share feedback in response to specific questions about their experience. This, however, did not give the business a fair idea of their overall experience. Now, guests can use a new feedback form to rate their overall experience on a five-star rating system. They can specify aspects of their experience they did or did not enjoy and also share their reviews on popular social networking sites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp.

Uber-Like Guest Feedback

Note: If you do not want to move to this new feedback experience, you can retain the existing feedback form. Here’s a sample of the feedback screen from a guest’s mobile:

Customer Feedback Page

Read the Help article


Categorize Membership Forms

Earlier, if you had to perform any membership-related activities and had to use the related form, irrespective of the context, all the forms associated with the membership showed up in the Forms list. For example, if you are in the Freeze Membership screen and you click Forms, all the forms associated with the membership such as Sign-up, Cancellation, and Agreement form appeared, in addition to the Freeze Membership form. With this release, when you create membership forms, you can specify the membership form type as one of the following so that, the forms become more contextual:

  • Sign-up
  • Cancellation
  • Freeze
  • Other

When you specify a membership form type, only the relevant form appears for a particular membership action. For example, in the Freeze Membership screen, only the Freeze form appears. Read the Help article

Collect Recurring Membership Payments from Prepaid or Gift Cards

In this release, we are introducing the ability to set prepaid or gift cards as a payment method for recurring membership dues. During the recurring payment cycle, if the balance on the prepaid or gift card becomes insufficient to pay towards the recurring membership dues, Zenoti first redeems the available balance on the card and then charges the remaining balance amount to default payment method. Read the Help article for Prepaid card.

Also read: Read the Help article for Gift Card

Restrict Membership Credits to a Specific Center

With this release, you can restrict membership redemptions only to the center where the membership was purchased. To enable this feature for your business, contact Zenoti Support. For example, if Lisa purchases a membership at the Brooklyn center, and books two appointments, one at the Brooklyn center and other at the Manhattan center, Lisa's membership benefits are available for redemption only at the Brooklyn center and not Manhattan. Read the Help article

Alert the Front Desk when a Guest with a Suspended Membership Books an Appointment or Checks-In

The front desk is alerted through the Appointment Book and Booking Wizard when they try to book or check-in a guest with a suspended membership. The front desk staff can then engage with the guest to collect payment for the suspended membership.


Guests can Purchase Series Packages

Series packages contain services that a guest can use over multiple visits. For example, a weight loss program, can span over 6 months. With this release, your guests can purchase Series Packages on the Webstore. Read the Help article


Improved Integration with QuickBooks

With this release, we support auto-sync of the following data (from closed invoices in Zenoti) to QuickBooks online or Desktop:

  • Sales and refund of Services, products, memberships, gift cards, packages, prepaid cards
  • Membership and package redemption
  • Discounts applied on invoices including manual discounts, campaigns, and coupon redemption
  • Taxes
  • Payments

Note: Purchase Orders are also synced. Read the Help article

Zenoti Mobile*

*The features in Zenoti Mobile are coming soon.

Calendar View now Available without Configuration (iOS)

With this release, the Calendar view is made available to all employees who have the Can access Appointment Book permission enabled for their role. Learn how to enable this permission

Using this view, your front desk staff can:

  • View all scheduled providers and their appointments
  • Check-in or check-out an employee
  • View, edit, delete, or add a block-out time for an employee
  • Edit appointments
  • Change the status of an appointment to Confirm or Check In
  • Cancel an appointment or mark a guest as No Show

Alerts for Employee Check-in and Checkout (iOS, Android)

Staff can check themselves in and out via the Zenoti Mobile app. In this release, you can set alerts that go out as push notifications to remind employees to check-in or check-out at the expected time. Setting up these alerts will ensure that the employee's check-in or check-out as per their schedule and not cause overtime, which usually results in payroll inaccuracies. To learn about other minor enhancements in this product update, read the support article.


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