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Did you know there are 4,200 medspas in the United States alone? With so much competition, how do you ensure your brand stands out? We’ve compiled six medspa marketing ideas that will ensure you do just that!

Medspa Marketing Idea #1: Put Your Website to Work

Studies have shown time and again that customers look for a business online before they take any action. Your medspa website is an online storefront for your business – so make sure it’s revamped regularly or seasonally. A user-friendly website that answers important questions your customers may have, or even those they didn’t know they had, will encourage them to contact you or visit your medspa.  

In this industy, sharing before and after photos is critical. Medspa treatments are not widely talked about, your clients want to look and feel great without necessarily sharing their secrets with everyone they encounter. Yet, before commiting to an appointment they still want to see what results you have achieved for individuals of a similar age. Adding photos to your website shows this much more effectively than descriptions.  

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Examine your site for responsive design and relevant content. This ensures that whatever device your potential customers are using – laptop, desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone – the content is suitably optimized to ensure a seamless experience. Keep in mind particularly the mobile experience since a lot of your clients are likely finding inspiration on Instagram and then searching immediately using their phone.

Avoid cluttering details of your services and products all on one page and ensure the overall content is informative and engaging. Group your medspa services and products based on similarity, such as by patient concern or type of treatment, and explain them clearly in a way that is easily understandable to your customers and not full of medical jargon.

Notice how dermani Medspa has organized their homepage and Services section:  

Medspa Marketing Idea #2: Convert Landing Page Visitors to Leads

The main purpose of driving traffic to your medspa website is to convert visitors to customers. This job is mostly done by landing pages on the website. Landing pages are where visitors take the next step by either becoming leads you can nurture or by scheduling an appointment.  

The average conversion rate of a landing page is 26%.

Visitors “land” on these pages because they are looking for more information. This could be exclusive content like eBooks or videos, membership details, registering for an event, booking an appointment, or subscribing to your newsletter. Based on the purpose of a landing page, its content would vary. So, make sure the content you offer for download or subscription is of value to your target audience. If this is the case then add a pop up! Chances are if they are interested in accessing your content they wil be willing to give you something in return – an email address that you can use to stay in touch with them.  

Finally, promote your landing pages on social media and via email campaigns to get the word out.  

Medspa Marketing Idea #3: Write Blogs Your Customers Want to Read

Your prospects will have many questions regarding medspa services that are both generic and specific to your business. A blog on your website that provides information on different kinds of medical spa treatments will be a valuable asset for your business.  

Medspa treatments can feel intimidating and are often a commitment to ongoing work rather than a one-off appointment, so converting leads into appointments isn’t a quick process. Help increase confidence and speed up conversions through relatable blog content that shares your customer successes. For example, consider profile pieces on certain clients that covers the goals they want to achieve and results seen so far – along with some photos that help potential customers to resonate with the individual!

Businesses that blog produce 67% more leads every month.

When you blog frequently, you can:

Medspa Marketing Idea #4: Drive Engagement on Social Media  

One of the most effective medspa marketing ideas is to leverage the power of social media platforms. Your posts should provide information on the medspa industry, services and products you offer, links to premium content, tips and knowledge sharing, customer transformation stories, and more. Here’s an example of the posts Body Catalyst share:

Image source:

Avoid sales pitches as they quickly bore customers. Instead, post relatable content that attracts potential and existing clients, and encourages engagement, which is the most important goal of social media marketing. Videos are incredibly useful for helping viewers to see exactly what the treatment looks like and what the tools are used – taking the element of uncertainty away from the prospect of an appointment. If budget allows you could also engage with influencers to share vlogs of themselves getting a treatment done which again helps to make your services a lot more relatable to their audience. Or consider utilizing social media ads to reach your target audiences by location and other specific demographics and use an advertising tool to launch campaigns in 4 easy steps.  

Ultimately, a well-planned and executed medspa social media strategy will ensure that you establish yourself as a leading brand, stay top of mind, win the trust of your target audience, and nurture lasting relationships. This boosts retention and encourages clients to not only continue to choose your services but also to refer you to their network.  

Medspa Marketing Idea #5: Nurture Leads with Email Marketing  

Email marketing integrates very well with other marketing strategies like blogging and social media and so is a great strategy to add to your marketing toolbox. This is because it’s an effective way to nurture leads, whether you’re communicating with one person or a group of targeted prospects. In fact, a 2021 email marketing ROI study says that email accounted for 19.8% of all transactions, and was only behind paid search and organic traffic.  

Email campaigns have an average ROI of 3,800%, or $38 for every $1 invested.  

To maximize success, it’s important to plan email marketing campaigns that target specific audience groups. Investing in an email marketing automation tool is a great option as it will suggest and create campaigns based on customer behavior. This means that customers who buy certain products will receive related recommendations or individuals who came in for laser hair removal will receive emails encouraging them to book the next appointment in the series. This increases the likelihood that the email campaigns will convert in to a booking or purchase.  

In addition to providing clients and prospects with all the information they were looking for, nudge them toward your end goal by throwing in discounts and exclusive offers that boost conversion. In the end, remember that the emails must remain interesting and relatable for your customers for open rates, click through rates, and subscription rates to grow.  

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Meet the Growing Demand  

By the end of 2021, the global medspa market is expected to be valued at US$ 30 billion so now is the time to ensure your brand is ready!

Find out how Zenoti medical spa software can help you prepare your medspa business for this increasing demand.

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