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As COVID-19 swept across the globe early last year, we quickly had to adjust to a world where jam-packed social calendars, large gatherings, or leisure travel were no longer possible. And while this has no doubt been challenging on many fronts, there has been a silver lining to the pandemic: it’s taught us to embrace simplicity. Suddenly, with an abundance of time on our hands, we learned how to slow down and reflect, enjoy the simple pleasures, and focus on what is truly meaningful in our lives.  

As business owners, you may be wondering how you can take similar approaches and learnings to simplify business operations as you navigate the year ahead. By eliminating unnecessary complexities from the guest experience and streamlining operations, spas and salons can stay nimble during these uncertain times. Read on to discover three powerful ways to embrace simplicity and maximize your success in 2021.

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1. Simplify the Scheduling Process

We know that as a spa or salon owner you have no shortage of tasks to tick off your to-do list each day. The good news is that innovative solutions exist that can help simplify business operations by automating many of these processes. And ultimately, this helps you focus on what matters most: delivering top-notch service to clients.

Take bookings, for example. Automated solutions not only enable customers to make appointments at the exact moment it works for them, they also free up time that your front desk team would have spent answering the phone and scheduling these appointments. Plus, with automated text messaging, your guests can receive appointment reminders and confirmations that help to prevent no-shows.

BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Centers saw these benefits firsthand when they turned to Zenoti to consolidate several software systems into an all-in-one solution that included simplified operations, booking automation and more. In fact, the health franchise saw a 10% increase in overall booking efficiency and a 6.5x increase in booking automation.

2. Automate & Personalize

A recent Entrepreneur article that shared a handful of business survival tips for 2021 stated that the businesses that survived last year "were the ones that remained in their customers’ minds.”

With intelligent marketing solutions, salons or spas can automate critical marketing efforts that enable them to simplify business operations and do just that. For instance, using predictive algorithms, solutions anticipate demand for the week ahead and identify any potential gaps in your appointment book. Smart Marketing then works to fill those available slots by targeting the right customers, generating an effective offer or message, and automatically sending the message at the ideal time.  

Smart Marketing can also be used to boost the frequency of customer visits by reaching out precisely when it makes the most sense for your customer and your business. By delivering highly personalized messages to your clients, you’ll be sure to develop more loyal relationships.

3. Better Manage Your Inventory

Making sure you always have the right amount of retail products is never an easy task, not to mention one that can often be incredibly tedious. Fortunately, software solutions can improve how you track your inventory by automatically sending alerts when it’s time to reorder a product.  

By tagging your products with order levels—say 10 shampoos, for instance—you’ll automatically be notified when it’s time to reorder them. This powerful solution helps you simplify business operations and maximize your sales by ordering the right products in the right quantities, while minimizing your inventory costs.

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The Power of Simplicity  

Today, there are a wealth of innovative ways that salons, spas and all businesses can simplify and run their business more efficiently. Just as a return to the basics has allowed us to focus on what’s meaningful in our personal lives, the same holds true for the professional world. By automating time-consuming tasks and processes, you and your team can instead focus on what you love most: spending time with your customers.  

So, are you ready to simplify business operations for your salon or spa?

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