How Safe Is Your Data With Zenoti?

How Safe Is Your Data With Zenoti?

Protect Your Data

At Zenoti (formerly ManageMySpa), we’ve taken a number of measures to secure your data. Whether it’s restricting access to financial data, employee and customer information or even exports of customer lists, Zenoti offers built-in mechanisms that ensure your data is safe.So, why are we so sure we’re safer than your existing system? Consider the following:

The Biggest Risk To Your Data’s Security Are Your Own Employees

Employees, unfortunately, represent a threat to your business through theft of data (e.g. copying entire customer lists, entire financial statements for the month, or even your entire database) as well as pilferage by performing malicious actions in the system.Zenoti secures your data from employees through:

  • Security Roles:

Your employees can perform only those actions that are relevant for their role. For example, while your front desk staff can access the appointment book and point-of-sale, they cannot update inventory records, or access financial reports.

While front desk staff can access single customer profiles, they do not have the ability to export an entire list of customers. Similarly, every action that the front desk staff can perform is restricted to only what they require.

Security roles allow Zenoti to restrict access to the system across users in the system – be it service providers, inventory managers, accountants, center managers and so on.

  • Controlled “Anywhere, Anytime” Access:

As a cloud solution, the power to access your account from anywhere, at anytime makes running your business easier in multiple ways. However, it also opens an internal security threat for employees that should not have constant access to their account.

With Zenoti, you decide who can access their accounts from outside the center. For example, you can limit front desk staff access to the system (which gives access to the appointment book, POS and individual customer profiles) to specific computers or mobile devices that are at the center’s front desk.

Similarly, you may not want an inventory manager to be able to access their account from outside the center, which restricts malpractice with stock levels, orders, etc …

The process of granting and restricting access from devices can be performed only by the “Owner”.

  • Multi-Center Support:

If you have multiple centers, it’s easy to control employee access to one or more centers. For example, a manager at your New York center may require access to financial information, employee profiles, and inventory data for their center. They will not, however, have access to that same data for a center located in New Jersey.

Similarly you could grant your “Director of East Coast” access to all centers in their region, but not centers on the west coast.

A Marketing manager would have access to all marketing related functions across your organization, but would not have access to data outside of their requirements.

In a nutshell, as a cloud solution, we’re able to ensure that employees never have physical access to your data, which restricts the easiest way to steal data. And, we put multiple checks in place to restrict data theft through digital access.

Security from external threats

Zenoti uses the world’s leading cloud service provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS), to host our Zenoti servers. Our combined security mechanism blocks unauthorized access to the system.If someone – either external to your business or internal - wanted to steal data from you, they would have to break into a data center, find the right server (amongst hundreds of identical machines), which is no easy task! Consider the alternative with desktop solutions – someone would simply need to break into your center and steal a single machine.Even if someone, were somehow able to access your server from outside, your data (e.g. customer, employee, appointment book, inventory, etc..) is encrypted using industry standard security software. With your data encrypted, it’s completely useless to outsiders.Compare this to traditional desktop software, which stores data on a computer at your center. Theft or loss of data are very real concerns that a business owner must proactively work to stop.With Zenoti, your data is protected from intentional attempts as well as natural events like a flood destroying your center’s computers.

What about Zenoti?

Zenoti simply provides the infrastructure for your data. Our employees do not have access to your data. In the event that you require Customer Support or your Customer Success Consultant to help you with your setup or data, you will have to create a user account and permission for that employee to work within your account.Further, your data is stored on remote servers hosted by Amazon Web Services. These servers are located in a highly secure undisclosed location, which can’t physically be accessed by Zenoti employees.Talk to one of our representatives by requesting a personal demo of Zenoti.

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