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Easy ways to sell more gift cards

Salon gift cards are a major part of sales for your business and if they’re not already, they should be.

Why? For the last 8 years* in a row, gift cards have been the most-requested gift item. Not to mention, they’re a great way to attract new visitors and interact with your current clients.

Aside from the usual seasonal promotions, are you selling enough gift cards year-round? And, could you be selling more gift cards with less effort?

Check out my easy ideas to sell more gift cards in any season, starting now.

Set Up Your Online Store

Give people the option for both physical and digital gift cards. Depending on their preference - and many potential clients prefer online shopping - you’ll be ready in your store and online.

While setting up online gift card sales can seem overwhelming, it’s actually easy. With the right technology and the right salon management software your online store could be set up and running within a business day.

Set up your online store to automatically suggest gift cards as part of retail orders and during Online Booking. Remind them as much as possible that you have the perfect gift and give them plenty of opportunities to purchase.

Advertise Online

Did you know that online advertising can reach as many people or more people than a radio spot? And, it’s more cost effective.

Use Facebook, Google Ads, and other online advertising to attract new customers and cast your advertising net wider. By promoting your gift cards on social media, you’ll bring in first-time visitors to try your services, purchase retail and share their experience through reviews.

With Facebook

Share a post on Facebook that says: “Did you know we sell holiday hair gift cards online? It’s convenient way to give the perfect gift.” Include a link to the gift card section of your online store along with a compelling image.

Update your Facebook banner to advertise gift cards—it’s free and will attract more likes and more attention to your business.


Invite online visitors to Like your Facebook page while promoting gift card sales.

For step-by-step instructions on using Facebook ads to increase your revenue, check out our blog post Purchase Facebook Ads Drive Gift Card Sales With Facebook.

With Google Adwords

Set up a Google Adwords campaign to show your special offer and website when someone searches for a keyword like “spa gift card.” Choose any keyword search that’s relevant for your business. It’s easy, quick and inexpensive compared to traditional advertising.


Easily set up a Google Adwords campaign with any keyword you choose.

Check out our blog for details on how to effectively set up a Google Adwords campaign for your business.

Read more about our salon marketing software here.

Creatively Promote

Remind your guests that gift cards make a great addition to any service, package or promotion they might be interested in buying already. Be creative about when and where you suggest gift cards.

With your loyalty program

Offer loyalty rewards points with the purchase of any gift card.  Or as an incentive for referring a friend to the loyalty program, reward guests with a gift card valued at $25 that expires the following month to encourage them to come back in sooner.

Or, structure your loyalty program so gift cards are used to redeem loyalty points: when a guest reaches 1,000 points, they receive a $100 gift card.

You should schedule email or text message reminders to go out automatically when the guest is close to hitting their loyalty target. The right software can make this happen easily.

With your services

Designate a gift card that’s good for a specific service instead of dollar amounts.  A Mother’s Day gift card good for 60-min massage is a more thoughtful, personalized gift for mom that takes little effort on the part of the guest who purchases it.

You can also add perceived value by offering a gift card for $150 in services—a signature facial, manicure, and pedicure—for only $100.

With retail packages

Promote your gift cards in unique ways by bundling with retail items. Create retail packages that include popular products along with gift cards in various amounts so there’s something for everyone’s budget. A robe and foot scrub in a bundle with a gift card for either $25, $50, or $100.  Have them ready at the front desk for easy purchase.

On your receipts

With Zenoti, you can automate a special messages about gift cards to print directly on a guest’s receipt as a reminder for their next visit. “We have the perfect gift for any occasion. Ask about our gift cards.”

A simple custom message on the bottom of a receipt reminds guests that you have the perfect gift.

A simple custom message on the bottom of a receipt reminds guests that you have the perfect gift.

With other gift cards

Reward clients who buy gift cards with another gift card for themselves. “Buy a $100 gift card and receive a $20 gift card for yourself.”  It’s an incentive and can add up quickly for the guest who frequently buys gift cards—especially during special occasions and holidays.

Know Your Rules

Ultimately you make the rules when it comes to gift cards, so be sure to list any restrictions or benefits for your clients. More importantly, be sure you have a system in place for your staff to follow and easily enforce these rules.

Valid at multiple locations

Make gift cards valid at all your locations. Your guests want flexibility—that’s part of the reason why they love to buy gift cards. Give them the ability to purchase retail items and services at any of your locations with a gift card.

Expiration date

If you choose to let your gift cards expire, specify the date on the card itself. There are federal and even state restrictions about gift cards with expiration dates, so be sure to align with your local legal requirements and policies.

If your gift cards have a clearly stated expiration date, you have the opportunity for more return visits in a shorter time frame.

Time restrictions

Do you have a day of the week with more down-time than others? Make certain gift cards redeemable during those days and times to encourage more guests during your off-peak hours. Clearly state this on your website or on the back of the card, at the time of purchase, etc. 

The Right Tools

Surprisingly, many people will forget to use their gift cards or lose them before they can be fully redeemed. Of course you’d like for everyone who buys or receives a gift card to visit your center, but when they don’t you have the benefit of the initial sale without providing the service or retail item.

When guests do come back in to use their gift cards, you’ll be ready.  With the right technology in place for promoting, selling, and tracking your gift cards, the process can be easy and profitable.

Zenoti supports gift cards, online store, automated salon marketing, loyalty points, scheduling, billing, inventory and more!

Not a current Zenoti customer? Request a free demo today!

*Note: According to the National Retail Federation.


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