6 Ways To Boost Holiday Retail & Gift Card Sales

6 Ways To Boost Holiday Retail & Gift Card Sales

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Christmas is around the corner and it’s that time when people are looking for last-minute holiday gifts. Seize the opportunity with our tips to boosting retail and gift card sales.

#1 Email Your Entire Database

Email your entire customer database to remind folks of your perfect holiday gifts. The more personalized and targeted the email, the better your results will be. For examples, target your male customers with a message about the perfect gift for the women in their lives. If you know someone is married – even better– they can receive their own email with a Significant Spa gift package for their wife.

Another example of targeting, create a special luxurious package of retail products and a gift certificate for your spa services for only your high spenders.

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#2 Make It Easy For Your Customers That Visit Your Store

There’s no doubt your customers are shopping this season, it’s a matter of whether they choose to shop with you. For customers that visit your center, display holiday themed gift cards, set aside a special table for holiday packaged retail items and use signage to announce staff picks on retail or special holiday promotions designed for gifting.

#3 Give Your Shoppers A Little Extra

Sweeten the deal for your customers with a double incentive. For example, run a promotion where the customer buys a:

  • $100 Gift Card and receives an additional $25 gift card for themselves
  • $100 Gift Card and receives loyalty points
  • Gift Card and you donate 10% of the value to charity

Or, you could award extra loyalty points on product or package purchases.

 #4 Design Packages That Are Ideal For Gifting

Design special packages that combine retail with your services. For example, a 60 minute massage combined with an aromatherapy candle helps to bring the gift recipient to your business while providing something physical as part of the gift.

For a truly holiday themed gift, consider using products with seasonal ingredients to upgrade some of your traditional services into a Holiday package.

If you’re packaging holiday retail, consider offering gift bags or gift boxes - who doesn’t want fewer tasks to worry about during the holidays?

#5 Offer Health-Conscious Retail Ahead of the New Year

The New Year brings in hopes and promises for a healthier lifestyle. Capitalize on this with messaging around wellness and packaged items that fit the theme. For example, a gift certificate for things like wraps, detox services, body scrubs and relevant retail.

Bundle the items into a gift basket that is pre-packaged and easy to purchase quickly on-the-spot.

#6 Increase Sales With An Online Store

Sell online! An online store makes it easy for your customers to purchase and send gifts and, when done right, can attract new customers as well. You should be able to promote packages, memberships, retail and gift cards online.

Ideally, the store should encourage increased sales with suggested purchases. (Check out our blog post to Increase Online Retail Sales.)

Free Shipping!

Brilliant, especially if you don’t usually offer this feature.

And our PRO-TIP…

Set up an email and text message campaign that launches 2 days before Christmas. For all those folks that wait to the last minute to buy gifts, the ability to purchase an e-gift card will come to the rescue.

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