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More Revenue and Happier Employees

How does your front desk decide who gets assigned an appointment? Rather than randomly assigning customers to a service provider, you can implement a process that makes booking faster and drives more revenue.

In this post, I show you how to accomplish this simply by sorting your employees in a way that puts your best employees in front of the most customers, provides strong incentives for your employees to perform better and ensures that your employees are being treated fairly.

Sort by Job

Group employees by their job, for example, all Estheticians show together, followed by Massage Therapists, and so on. This makes finding availability for new appointments fast. Grouping employees by job also makes it easy to maximize employee time on busy days. With the drag-and-drop feature, the receptionist can move appointments around to avoid gaps between appointments.

Sort Employees By Job
Estheticians are grouped first, followed by Therapists and then other jobs, grouping by jobs makes finding availability easier.

Sort Employees by Performance

Some employees are better than others at ensuring customer satisfaction, retaining customers, and driving revenue. It helps your business to put your top employees in front of as many customers as possible. Those top employees, in turn, see higher utilization rates and so higher commissions.

You can sort employees in order of performance, the left most employee has the best performance, and the employee listed furthest to the right has the worst performance.  You can implement a process where the front desk assigns new appointments from left to right, i.e. from your best performing employees to worst.

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With Zenoti (formerly ManageMySpa), the system will track performance for you. Managers can sort the employee names by performance with a click of a button. This makes it easy to change the sort order quarterly, monthly or even weekly.  Which means that employees have a defined period for which they’re rewarded and have a steady incentive to improve their performance.

This system ensures that the front desk is using an unbiased process to assign appointments.

Sort Employees By Performance
In this salon appointment book, Jessica has the best performance, followed by Susie. The receptionist knows to give priority to Jessica for a new appointment.

Sort by Job & Performance

Combine the best of both, and sort by performance index within each job. This ensures that bookings are fast and that you’re rewarding the best performing employees with the most appointments.

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Sort employees by job & performance
All skin services are assigned to Susie first because she is first in her group. Marie is assigned an appointment only if the customer requested her or Susie is already busy at the requested time.

Sort by Target Revenue

Sort employees in order of who is closest or furthest to reaching their revenue goals. This enables the front desk to assign services so that they are distributed and every employee has a fairly equal utilization.

In this example, the receptionist knows to assign new appointments to Natasha in order to help her reach her target revenue. The receptionist might also consider if the new appointment is a low revenue service vs a high revenue service that would contribute more in revenue for Natasha and assign appointments accordingly.

Similar to all the sorting options, managers can change the sort order with a click of a button. Which means, if you track revenue targets for a month, a manager can choose to change the sort order weekly or even daily as required.

Sort Employees By Target Revenue
Natasha is furthest from her target revenue goal, while Tracy is closest to reaching her goal. The receptionist knows to assign new appointments to Natasha first so that she can reach her target revenue. You can reverse this sort order.

Sort by Name

List employees alphabetically by name if all your employees can perform all services, and you simply need a quick way to find employees.

Manually Define Sort Order

If you have a specific order that you want your service providers to display in, then you also have the option to manually define the sort order.

Sorting your Appointment Book helps you bring an unbiased approach in how appointments are assigned, speeds up the booking process, provides an incentive for your employees and helps your bottom line.

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