5 Tips to Sell More Gift Cards

Gift cards for your spa or salon People buy gifts, especially during the holidays, but really throughout the year. If you’re a savvy business owner, you can add significant revenue to your spa or salon with higher gift cards sales.  We wanted to share 5 tips that are sure-fire ways to increase gift card sales:

1) Remind your customers in your spa or salon that you sell gift cards!

Post flyers up, display your cards in-store and remind staff to gently remind customers.

2) Remind your entire customer base that you sell gift cards.

You could send out an email with the main content focused around reminding your customers that you sell gift cards. If you want a less obvious approach, include a link to your online gift cards as part of your email footer.

3) Run a holiday promotion to encourage gift card sales. 

A limited time promotion encourages sales. You could run an offer that awards the buyer some kind of perk – say a free manicure or blow dry along with a gift card purchase. So the buyer has an extra incentive to gift your gift card, and you also attract a new customer!

4) Sell your gift cards on your website.

By selling your gift cards on your website, you increase your exposure beyond just your local customers. Just as importantly it makes buying gift cards easier. Traditional gift cards require the buyer to visit your center to make the purchase and then deliver the card to the recipient. By selling your gift cards online, your buyer can do everything within a few minutes – purchase the gift card and deliver an eGift to the recipient immediately.

5) Market locally, market digitally.

Leverage Facebook and Google Local to market your gift cards (and your business).  And, if you sell your gift cards online, you’ll see even better results.

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