30 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Salons and Spas

If you’re already tracking key performance indicators (KPIs), it’s tempting to think you’re doing enough performance analysis. But are you tracking the KPIs that best correlate to your business goals? If your KPIs aren’t surfacing the right insights, you don’t have the data you need to drive results.

Here’s an example. If your goal is to increase revenue in your salon or spa by 10 percent in the next quarter, you might focus on these KPIs: Average Ticket Size, Retail Service Rate and Occupancy Ratio.

Or, if you’re trying to increase your customer retention by 15 percent in the next quarter, you might focus on these KPIs: Customer Retention Rate, New Customer Retention Rate and Customer Retention Rate by Employee.

Here are 30 KPIs that help salons and spas take their data analysis to the next level. See how your business KPIs compare.

Salon and spa management KPIs

Customers and Retention

  • Customer Count: Total number of customers.
  • First-Time Customers: Number of first-time customers.
  • Repeat Customers: Number of repeat customers.
  • Customer Visit Frequency: Visit frequency by customer and by service.
  • Pre-Booking Percentage: Percentage of clients who pre-book appointments.
  • Customer Retention Rate: Customers retained divided by all customers.
  • New Customer Retention Rate: New customers retained divided by all new customers, as defined by the number of new customers who returned for a second visit within a given period.
  • Existing Customer Retention Rate: Existing customers retained divided by all existing customers, as defined by the number of existing customers who returned for another visit within a given period.
  • Customer Retention Rate by Employee: Average rate of customers retained, by service provider.
  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Score: Measured by customer responses to a post-visit survey.
  • Hotel Guest Capture Rate (for hotel salons or spas): Percentage of hotel guests who have patronized the salon or spa.
  • External Guest Ratio (for hotel salons or spas): Total number of external (non-hotel) guests divided by the total number of guests who visited the salon or spa.


  • Average Service Ticket Size: Average price of a service ticket.
  • Service Provider Utilization Rate: Utilization rate across all service providers.
  • Average Treatment Rate: Total treatment revenue in a given time period divided by the total number of treatments performed in same period.
  • Average Treatment Time: Total number of treatment hours sold divided by the total number of treatments sold.
  • Occupancy Ratio: Percentage of available appointments booked.

Sales and Revenue

  • Sales: Total sales in a given period.
  • Sales Compared to Prior Period: Difference in sales between the current period and previous period.
  • Retail Sales: Total sales from retail products.
  • Services Sales: Total sales from services.
  • Retail Sales to Total Sales: Percentage of total sales from retail sales.
  • Average Retail Ticket: Price of the average retail ticket.
  • Product Units Per Client: Average number of product units purchased per client.
  • Retail Service Ratio: Product units purchased divided by total number of appointments.
  • Gift Card Sales: Total revenue from gift card sales.
  • Gift Card Redemptions: Total of purchases made with gift cards.

Staff Management

  • Clients Per Day: Number of clients per day, by service provider.
  • Rebook Rate by Service Provider: Percentage of clients who rebook their next appointment, by service provider
  • Wages vs. Sales: Percentage of the service provider’s wage (per day) compared to how much they produce in sales.

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