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In the age of selfies and social reviews, salon signage may seem like an old-school method for marketing. However, 76% of American customers enter stores they have never visited, simply because of the signage! Capture this huge potential for new customers and grow your revenue with these easy and effective salon signage ideas that can boost your business success.

1. Design a Powerful Logo

One of the most critical first steps is to have a memorable logo. This is because your customers will identify your brand with your salon’s logo. Whether you’re new in the business or want to revamp the identity of your existing brand, choose an eye-catching design that’s relatable to the type of services you offer. If your hair salon caters for kids or your nail salon targets only women, your logo must reflect this and appeal to this audience.  

For example, Snip-its has clearly created a logo that identifies its audience as being kids and targets them with its font and coloring.  

Snip-its logo

In comparison, Gene Juarez offers high-quality cuts to a female audience, so their logo design reflects this demographic:  

Gene Juarez Logo

To get started, write a clear brief and consider the following questions:  

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Answering these questions will help you create your logo with clarity or put down specifications that can be communicated to a logo designer.  

Tip: choose timeless over trendy. Stick to a simple and balanced logo design that will last. A trendy design might look incredible now, but in a few years, you and your customers might not feel the same way.

2. Showcase Your Ambience

Every salon has a unique look, feel, and personality. You’ve invested time in to creating this beautiful ambience and appeal, so add to it through the signage you choose to display.  

Incorporate personalized salon signs that talk about the mood in your salon. Is it fun or playful? Or do you prefer a more serious approach? Do you want your signs to encourage your guests to feel more confident after your services? Use the unique characteristics of your salon and reflect them through digital signages that increase guest connection to your brand.  

Showcase your ambience
Image source:

3. Put Salon Open Signs to Good Use

Not everybody you wish to target is on the internet looking for you; which is why beauty salon signs have a huge potential to showcase your services to passersby. Since your salon is likely located in an area with busy foot traffic, utilize this and catch the eye of those walking past your business with  attractive signage. A practical idea is to display the services you offer. Some salon owners add the prices of their services too. However, this purely depends on the positioning of your brand.

Put Salon Open Signs to Good Use
Image source:

Ideas for nail salon signs can include showcasing special manicure and pedicure treatments, such as paraffin manicures to heal dry and cracked hands and feet during winter months. Your hair salon signs can talk about the cutting-edge hair care technology you use or trending hairstyles that you offer.  

showcasing special manicure and pedicure treatments
Image source:

4. Connect the Online with the Offline

Link your social media profiles to your personalized salon sign with digital signage. Run visuals of your Instagram and Facebook feed on your salon signage so that potential customers can explore your social media pages and experience your brand before they actually step inside. It will help satisfy potential customers’ curiosity regarding your brand as they decide whether they want to come in.

Having a digitally connected salon sign also ensures that when your existing customers are happy with your services, they can immediately go online, tag you in their photos or geotag themselves at your brand location! All of which is invaluable for increasing awareness of your salon. For this, you must clearly display your social media profiles on signs throughout your center so that guests can spot them easily.

Connect the Online with the Offline
Image source:

5. Make Touch-Free Shopping Possible

Who would have thought that the much-hyped touchscreen would become a thing of the past so soon! In the wake of the pandemic, touchless interactions have become an urgent necessity for businesses who want to stay connected with their customers, but safely.  

A functional present-day salon signage idea is to enable your customers to shop touch-free at your salon. This could be to either to book an appointment or choose a product by simply scanning a QR code displayed on digital signage at your salon. Besides placing the signage inside the salon, put a large-sized display at your front door or window, which will allow customers to shop or book appointments even when your salon is closed. All they have to do is point their phone’s camera at the QR code and click the link that appears to complete an action.  

Tip: if possible choose digital signs and displays! Studies have shown that digital displays capture 400% more views than static signs and have nearly 48% effectiveness on brand awareness. They are known to bump up average purchases and growth in repeat buyers.  

6. Cheer for Your Salon and Staff

Spotlight your team by celebrating occasions like their milestone birthday or an achievement. This will make them feel seen and express your gratitude for their hard work and impressive skills. Add a photograph and a sincere message for them on your salon sign to let them know how you feel. The gesture will show how much you appreciate your staff’s support and are invested in them.

Read our tips on how to motivate and retain talented professionals at your beauty & wellness business.

Another option is to highlight the personality and culture of your salon by showcasing signage on any special events or community volunteering you have completed. This will help customers to resonate with you and feel part of the culture. It’s also great for sparking conversations and helping to build relationships between customers and staff!  

7. Grab Attention with Customer Testimonials

You can’t buy good reputation; you must earn it. So, if you’ve got positive reviews from your customers, you must put them out there for potential and new customers to read and get to know your brand better.  

Use digital signage to display guest testimonials in a short and engaging visual style. You could show videos of customers who’ve had a great experience at your salon or use images to go with their written reviews. Customer testimonials are a powerful way to get new customers to trust your work and build your reputation. Put them either on your salon open sign or place them within your salon, especially at the waiting lounge.  

8. Advertise Your Promotions

Your salon might run promotions before or during the holiday season, or for special occasions, or even as a marketing tactic to increase footfall. You’ll need to advertise these promotions both online and offline. While your social media profiles will come to your rescue for online ad campaigns, how do you let your existing and potential customers in the community know about them?  

That’s another salon signage idea for you – use it to advertise any special discounts that you are currently running at your salon. Publicize offers, coupons, or loyalty club reductions that you may be giving out to new and existing customers. Someone who’s just walking by could notice the promotions and make an impromptu appointment with you or even pass the word around. Consider also those areas inside the salon that draw attention and add signs there. This could be on your retail shelves, at the restroom vanity, or even on the mirrors since your guests are going to be looking there while you style their hair!  

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9. Highlight Your Industry Expertise

Customers are always looking for exclusive services; but in a competitive industry, it can be hard to stand out. If you have qualified stylists with a wealth of experience, or have state-of-the-art equipment and treatments that you want your guests to know about, use digital signage to get the word out. Use a short and sharp style to communicate your staff’s portfolio, awards they’ve won, industry events you’ve attended, or accreditations your salon has earned to position your brand as a leading provider of beauty services in your community. However, keep in mind that these need to be current in order to demonstrate to customers that you’re at the top of your game!

You could also display content on what you think the newest trends in the beauty industry are, the latest in hairstyles, nail trends, or innovative skincare technology – basically information that’s backed by years of experience in the field.  

Explore exciting hair styling tips that you can share with your guests.

Ultimately, showcasing your industry expertise is a great way to build brand credibility and win the confidence of new and potential customers.  

Interested to know more about Zenoti’s all-in-one salon management software?  

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