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Did you know that the US hair care services industry has an annual revenue of approximately $24 billion? Maximize guest spending while also showing them the value of an appointment with you by sharing tips and guidance to keep them looking and feeling their best.  

Here's some quick takeaway tips to give your guests:

some quick hair tips to give your guests

Your guests turn to you for guidance and advice on how they can keep their hair looking its best after they leave the chair. This could vary from choosing the perfect cut or color, to blowouts, or the right way to wash or use hot tools. To save you time, we’ve compiled a quick guide that you can share with your guests for ongoing at-home hair care. Or share with your colleagues at the front desk to elevate their beauty knowledge and help answer any questions they may encounter from guests.  

Our tips cover:  

  • Care & Maintenance
  • Hairdressing & Styling
  • What’s Trending

Care & Maintenance  

Although DIY beauty care will continue to grow in 2021—15% of surveyed US beauty consumers were cutting their own hair, and 19% want to embrace a more natural look—there’s no denying that beauty advice from an expert hairdresser will always be sought-after. Here are some great care and maintenance tips you can give to your guests.

Hair tip #1: Less is More When It Comes to Shampoo

The shampoo-free or “no poo” method is certainly a hot topic of conversation. A lot of individuals believe in this philosophy because they want to avoid using any chemicals which strip the hair of its natural oils and dry it out. But the “no poo” method is not for everyone.  

If your guest expresses concern with their shampooing frequency, then an easy way to strike a balance with this trend is to not shampoo every time they shower. Advise them to concentrate the use of shampoo on the scalp because it keeps the moisture in the hair intact.

For bouncy hair, use dry shampoo instead. Tie up a ponytail on the in-between days; or make an updo with relaxed, loose ends.  

A must-avoid? Repeat shampooing. It leaves the scalp dry and flaky.  

A little tip for curly hair—when you shampoo, twisting sections of your hair and slathering shampoo on them will prevent the curls from tangling.  

Hair tip #2: Don’t Skip the Conditioner

One of the best tips you can give guests is to never skip conditioning. Conditioners are essential even for oily hair as they offer protection and nourishment.  

Gently squeeze in the conditioner to wet hair so that it soaks in well. Always keep the conditioner off the roots and apply it from mid-length to the tips. Run a wide-tooth comb through the hair a few times to seal the cuticles. Let it sit for a few minutes and rinse off with cool water.  

Don’t Skip the Conditioner
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Many hair experts blame towel-drying for hair damage. Instead, use a regular cotton t-shirt to remove excess water from the hair. It’s a lot gentler.    

Hair tip #3: Sleeping Beauty

Caring for your hair while sleeping is really simple. A helpful hack is to replace cotton pillowcases with silk ones to reduce friction on the strands. Encourage guests who suffer from frizz to tie their hair in loose braids as this will tame it.  

If you just gave a guest a blowout or a new hairstyle, advise them to wear a head wrap or a bonnet to bed—this way their hair will stay put for the next day!  

Apply dry shampoo from root to tip before bed and wake up to a voluminous mane.  

Hair tip #4: Scalp Care is a Must

Scalp care is a key but often overlooked part of hair maintenance. This is because the buildup of excess product, oils and dead skin cells can harm the health of the scalp. Encourage your guests to use deep cleansing shampoos at least twice a month to get rid of sticky buildup.

To prevent scalp dryness and flaking, and to enhance hair shine, it’s critical to use products, such as hair masks, with ingredients that restore hydration, pull out impurities, soothe irritations and strengthen the hair. Some beneficial ingredients are shea, keratin, and coconut.  

Ever thought about oiling your scalp? Just mix a few drops of coconut oil and castor oil; gently massage into the scalp for a few minutes. Wash off with shampoo.  

Hairdressing & Styling

Read these 5 Beauty & Wellness Trends to Embrace to learn what it takes to stay on top of this growing market.

Hair tip #5: Use Hot Tools Sparingly

As professionals, we know that heat is damaging to the hair. However, this is often overlooked by guests in pursuit of the perfect look. With this in mind, it’s our job to educate and assist them in the best ways to look after their hair while using these heat tools.

Encourage them to always spray hair with a heat protectant before styling – also a great opportunity for you to make a recommendation if you stock these products! And when blow-drying, use blasts of hot air then move to the cold setting for minimum damage and maximum shine. If you are giving a blowout, find all damp spots and fully dry them out. The blowout will not just last longer but will have more volume and shine.  

Be sure you’re also educating guests on the tools and products you’re using while they’re in the chair, so they are in the know on how to care for their hair at home and truly know you’re there to help them continue looking and feeling their best.  

For softer waves hold the curling wand horizontally, not vertically.

Use Hot Tools Sparingly
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Hair tip #6: Scheduled Snips Are Key to Hair Health

Most guests who are trying to grow their hair steadfastly avoid getting it trimmed but this is actually damaging to the overall health of the hair. While trimming doesn’t lead to quicker growth, it does ensure that split ends don’t travel up the hair length and damage it.  

Encourage guests to trim their hair at the first sign of split ends, ideally every two to three months and more often if it is heat styled frequently.

What’s Trending

Staying at home likely had some benefits for your guests. Some may have used the time to experiment with new styles or lengths while others may have abandoned haircare completely. In fact, Amazon sales of hair color went up by 172% with lockdowns encouraging DIY beauty regimens, according to a McKinsey study. A survey by Garnier revealed that American women turned to DIY hair coloring a few weeks into quarantine; 85% of the participants colored their grays, and over half of the women chose a bold color because they were at home anyway. But now in-person events are an option again, a lot of guests are looking to refresh their look and ensure their hair looks anything but DIY.  

Discover how to revamp your guest experience strategy with a guide on: Customer Expectations in the Post-COVID World.  

Hair tip #7: Beautiful Bangs

You would think bangs are an easy pick; but not many clients go through with it. Until now, that is. Bangs are a great way to encourage the only-slightly-hesitant clients.  

What’s hot in bangs now? From eyebrow grazers to curtain bangs, a fringe looks great if cut well to suit hair texture and shape of the face. The 70s waft fringe has made a huge comeback. It’s softer and fluffier, and way easier to commit to than the regular bangs. Your clients will love it!

Beautiful bangs
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Hair tip #8: Chunky Highlights

Flaming, face-framing colors are making a comeback. It’s bold and it’s beautiful, and when it’s put in a bun, it’s breathtaking. Particularly popular amongst the under-25s, this quick style is a great introduction to hair coloring and an easy way to add a pop of color to the hair.

So, give your guests the power of contrast with these fun highlights, no matter what color they choose—caramel, pink or red!  

Hair tip #9: “Piece-y” Layers

It’s the hottest hair in town, and why not! It looks straight out of bed, tousled and carefree.  

Piece-y hair needs layers. Work texture into your guest’s hair to give it that natural, wavy kind of look. It’s soft, sexy and effortless. Pick out the right products for maintenance and the piece-y hair look is good to go.  

“Piece-y” Layers
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