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Salons, spas, and medspas across the world are feeling the impact of COVID-19. We here at Zenoti understand that now more than ever, the beauty and wellness community must come together to help one another. As part of our efforts to help your salon, spa, or medspa through the COVID-19 crisis, we want to inspire you with creative ideas to drive revenue for your business and teammates during this difficult time.  

1. Selling online gift cards or prepaid cards.

Give your loyal guests the opportunity to purchase future services via online gift cards or prepaid cards. This allows regular customers to continue buying their monthly services, redeemable after your salon, spa, or medspa reopens. Add incentives for customers to purchase online gift cards by offering discounted prices or ‘bonus coupons’ (added services customers can redeem within certain parameters, i.e. deadline for redemption).

Communities are coming together to help one another during COVID-19 – your loyal customers want to help you during this time. Many salons, spas, and medspas have responded by donating a portion of gift card sales to a team member fund, allowing their customers to help their employees. Other businesses are donating a portion of their online gift card sales to medical worker organizations or community charities. These acts of kindness further incentivize online gift card purchases.

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2. Promoting online sale of memberships and packages.

Don’t neglect your membership and package sales, develop smart strategies that allow you to continue selling online. Ensure you update customers whose memberships may lapse during the COVID-19 crisis and offer incentives to re-purchase. Like online gift cards, offering special promotions or discounts on memberships for customers purchasing during your business’ shutdown creates a great incentive and helps drive revenue. Offering your most loyal customers special or discounted packages for future services give them the opportunity to support your business and staff during a hard time.

3. Encouraging retail sales.

Use every available channel (especially e-commerce and direct orders) to help boost your retail sales. Depending on your location, remember FedEx, USPS, and UPS distribution centers remain open for shipping. Be creative with how you interact with your customers – reach out to clients via email, text, and phone calls. Depending on their availability, involve your employees. Zenoti customers have found success in scheduling Zoom meetings with clients to offer virtual consultations or personal shopping tips.   

Creating incentives like discounts and promotions helps encourage customers to purchase despite longer than usual shipping times. Businesses have found success in donating a portion of retail sales during COVID-19 closure to their employees or community charities. Again, this act of kindness allows your customers to help their community during a difficult time.

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Support your team: Drive revenue and stay connected.

Mario Tricoci, a Zenoti customer, offers a great example for how salons, spas, and medspas can support their team members by donating a portion of holiday gift cards sales and setting up a gratuity gift program (where customers can help employees through online tips). It’s never been more important to adopt new ways to support your team. Along with offering financial support, the power of staying connected and encouraging open lines of communication should not be discounted.

Holding regular virtual meetings to share company updates and words of encouragement keeps your team members connected. Regular meetings reduce unnecessary stress brought on by unknowns and mitigates potentially damaging rumors. If possible, virtual one-on-one time with teammates may help establish effective, personalized recovery plans for when your doors reopen. Maintaining open lines of communication with your teammates strengthens your recovery strategy. From planning for a “new normal” in customer expectations relating to sanitation measures to setting expectations for maximizing opportunities to recover lost hours, staying connected is key.

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Zenoti recently held a webinar on driving revenue for your salon, spa, or medspa during COVID-19. Hosted by Sarah Simonelli, Director of Customer Success at Zenoti and former Director of Spa Operation at Mario Tricoci, and Kaliane Oung, Customer Success Manager at Zenoti and former Spa Director at Gene Juarez, the webinar presents more creative ideas, examples, and methods to encourage cash flow  for your business and teammates.

Due to popular demand, we made the entirety of our webinar covering these topics – and some added bonuses – available on-demand here.


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