Turn your receipts into a huge marketing opportunity.

By Emily Martin

December 21, 2018
7 Receipt Marketing Tactics

Every time a customer visits your spa or salon, you’re likely generating a receipt. It’s something that clients glance over when handed a printed receipt, or sent an emailed receipt. That makes receipts the perfect marketing vehicle.

Check out these 7 ideas on using receipts to increase revenue, customer engagement & more

1. Promote Specials

Print a coupon for the guest’s next visit directly on the receipt. To make it truly impactful, have the coupon print an offer targeted to the guest’s preferences, visit history and spend history. For example, the system would know to try to upsell a guest that just received a 60 min massage to a 90 minute massage for their next visit. For a guest that already takes 90 minute massages, the offer could promote a discount on a scrub.

 Promote Specials

2) Encourage Customer Feedback

There are a number of ways to collect feedback using Zenoti, like setting up a tablet at the front desk to capture feedback before the guest even leaves, or setting up a follow-up email that requests the customer to share feedback.You can also choose to solicit feedback directly from a receipt. You let your customers know you value their feedback and make it easy for them to share the feedback with you. This single initiative helps you gain insight into understanding the pain points in your customer journey, and helps you work towards creating an effortless experience.

 Encourage Customer Feedback

3) Promote Online Booking & Your Mobile App

Online salon booking system help free your front desk and enables them to focus on guests that are on premise. Use your receipt to encourage online bookings - you might do this simply by announcing your online booking support and mobile app. Or, you could even offer an incentive for online bookings.

Promote Online Booking & Your Mobile App

4) Sell More Gift Cards

Promote your gift cards on the receipt. By linking to your online gift card store you can showcase your collection of gift cards and holiday gift cards, and also make it easy for guests to buy them instantly.

 Sell More Gift Cards

5) Increase Retail Sales

The e-commerce industry has been doing this for a while. Giants like Amazon use this technique effectively to up sell and cross sell.Typically, your service provider would recommend products at the end of the service to guests, to help them continue to retain the benefits of the service. For example, a hair serum at the end of a hair-straightening session.You can do the same in your eReceipts to complement the guest’s in-store experience by showing recommended products. A link to your online store completes the cycle, builds awareness of your online store and makes it easy for your guest to make the purchase. (Looking for tips on selling more retail? Download our free eBook, Proven Methods to Boost Retail Sales)

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 Increase Retail Sales

6) Showcase An Employee

Your staff deserves a little love and attention. Consider using the receipt to welcome new staff and announce them to your customer base. It adds a personal touch to your communication and helps to motivate and reward staff.

 Showcase An Employee

7) Increase Social Interactions

Social media is a great vehicle to keep guests engaged and stay on top of their mind. But, do your guests know about your social accounts?Include links to your accounts and encourage guests to share their reviews.

 Increase Social Interactions

Go Green And Email Your Receipts

Most salons and spas are still using printed receipts, but emailing receipts saves money, time, and is more environment friendly. eReceipts are also a better method to carry your marketing messages.Email receipts have an open rate of 70.90%, which is much higher than that of marketing emails, which averages at 17.19%.eReceipts are opened more than marketing emails largely because of its content that is transactional in nature and because of the trust built from the visit itself.

Know more about salon management software.

Using Zenoti To Build The Perfect Receipt

Zenoti allows you to email receipts directly from the POS, and gives your business full control over customizing your email receipts.The WYSIWYG editor allows you to easily update your receipt - whether it's just a plain text message or by including your own images.Already a Zenoti client and want help building the perfect receipt? Our support team will be happy to help, contact us at support@zenoti.com.

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