Reducing Friction in your Booking Process

Reducing Friction in your Booking Process

So much of our lives today are dictated by the phones we carry around with us seemingly at all times–from waking us up in the morning to find the best route to work to catching up on news and blogs at the end of the day, we depend on our phones to help us get to things quickly and easily. We demand the same thing from the apps we use on our phones as well. If something is too hard to use, or doesn’t make sense, or creates friction for us, we just stop using the app, or more often than not, just delete it from our phone and move onto the next one.

That’s why it’s so important for businesses today to provide that fast, easy frictionless process to keep our customers engaged and coming back again and again. Our job is to make it easy for them to want to do business with us–not to have to navigate through a maze of screens, drop down boxes, and choices that end up taking longer than it would to just call and make an appointment.

The Zenoti Online Booking tool is a great example of that friction-free mindset that leading salons and spas are adopting today. We’ve seen such a huge increase in business for our customers who adopt online booking–up to 60% more appointments for their business! And the thousands of appointments booked on our platform tell us that customers who book through the app and online come back more frequently as well, filling up that appointment book faster and making your business more predictable. Here’s a great new video on the product that explains it better than I can!

 As consumers we have little patience for things that take too long to complete. And if the task is too cumbersome, we move and get back to it later–if we get back to it at all. The goal we have at Zenoti is to take the mundane, administrative tasks out of the hands of our salon and spa owners and let them focus on what they love to do–making people look and feel their best. This product is a great example of how we’re executing this vision today.

Discover more about Zenoti Online Booking here.

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