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The July product update includes an exciting set of new features and enhancements in almost all modules across Zenoti.

Appointment Book

Define the Order of Services in an Appointment

Often services should be performed in a specific order, for example, a color before cut or massage before facial. Earlier, Zenoti defined the order for you for both, online bookings and appointments made by the front desk. The front desk had to manually change the sequence of services on bookings if you required a custom order. Now, a new configuration page at the organization level will allow you to define a custom order for services. Zenoti will honor the order configured when bookings are made through the Booking Wizard and from online channels such as Webstore V2 and Zenoti Mobile.


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Shrink Finishing Time for Multiple Services with Segments

Services with segments often share a common, ‘finishing’ service segment. For example, if your guest books a haircut and color, their service segments would include: Service 1: Haircut for 60 mins:

  • Wash - 15 min
  • Cut - 30 min
  • Blow dry & Styling - 15 min

Service 2: Hair color for 90 minutes:

  • Color application: 30 min
  • Processing: 30 min
  • Wash: 15 min
  • Blow dry & Styling: 15 min

Both services end with a 15 minute Blow dry and Styling segment. Earlier, providers had to consider which segments are repetitive and the front desk had to consider how to update the Appointment Book to free up one of the provider’s time. Now, a new configuration page at the organization level will allow you to identify a common end service segment and assign it to a single provider. In other words, Zenoti will reduce the guest’s appointment time by removing the repetitive service segment.


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Email Updates on Smart Marketing

With this release, you can sign up to receive an email update every 2 weeks on your Smart Marketing campaigns. This update summarizes revenue and other key performance metrics. Please note that:

  • Organization and center owners will automatically be signed up to receive these email updates. All other individuals must explicitly subscribe to receive these emails.
  • Depending on the recipient’s roles and permissions, Zenoti will detect whether the recipient is signed-in at the org level or at the center level. Zenoti will then automatically send the email updates for the recipient’s center, or for the entire organization, as appropriate.

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Easy-to-Use Email Campaign Templates

Design emails more quickly with our new easy-to-use drag-and-drop options within the templates. You’ll be able to make in-line edits with the Zenoti interface and you do not require knowledge of HTML. These templates are mobile friendly as well, which means the email will display properly regardless of the device your guest uses.

Email Content Template

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Encourage Guests to Unfreeze Membership by Giving Store Credits

Companies typically charge guests a fee (one-time or recurring) to freeze their membership. Now, a new feature will help you encourage guests to unfreeze their membership. You will be able to issue store credits (as a prepaid card) in an amount equivalent to the freeze fee that was collected. To use this feature, you will need to enable a new organization level setting.

Note: Store credit can be redeemed only at the center where it was issued. Read the Help article

Zenoti Payments

Introducing Zenoti Auto-Reconciliations

A new auto-reconciliation process will save center owners time and effort when verifying their bank deposits against credit card collections. The auto-reconciliation process supports Zenoti Payment customers by automatically verifying collections against payouts (i.e. bank deposits) and, showing the status of payouts at a transactional level. Reconciling collections with payouts can be challenging due to a number of factors. The new auto-reconciliation report will enable you to:

  • Quickly see the reconciliation status of collections against their payout for any given day or range of days.
  • In the event that the collections match exactly the payout, the report shows a Reconciled badge. This is a quick identifier that all expected credit card collections have been deposited.
Quickly sees reconciliation status

  • In the event that a day’s collections do not match up with the payout, the Auto-Reconciliation report shows you exactly which transactions were not included in the payout and the reason.
Collection Report
  • In some cases, your payout will still be in transit; in such cases, the report will show the status and expected the date of deposit.

For owners with multiple locations, the Auto-Reconciliation report will support an aggregate view. This is scheduled to be released in Q3.Please contact your Customer Success representative to learn more about the solution features and pricing.

Webstore V2

Improved User Experience

We are making the following improvements to Zenoti’s online booking:

Set a Limit to the Number of Guests Earlier, a guest could include up to 6 guests when booking a group appointment on the Webstore. Now, we are adding a new catalog setting that will allow you to specify the number of guests for a group (up to 6). For example, if you set the maximum number of guests for a group as 4, a guest can include only 4 guests when booking a group appointment on the Webstore.

Note: The present requirement of a minimum of 2 guests in a group booking continues.

Support for Booking Service for Couples Now, your guests can book services online for couples.

Show Names of all Guests in the Group Earlier, when a host made a group booking, the guests added appeared as Guest 1, Guest 2 and so on. Now, the host will see a new guest panel to enter the name and contact details of all the guests in the group.

Copy Services of Another Guest in the Group While booking a group appointment, earlier, the host had to manually add services for each guest even if they were taking the same services. To make group bookings easier, we are introducing a “Copy Services” option that a host can use to copy a guest’s booked services to other guests.

Example: Assume Tina, Ashley, and Sam are all taking the same service in the group appointment. The host adds a Balinese Massage to Tina. The host can then copy the same service to Ashley and Sam, instead of browsing the services and selecting the Balinese Massage for each of them separately.

Specify Who The Booking is For Now, your guest can specify who the booking is being made for. A new guest selection drop-down list makes it easy to specify if a booking is for themselves, someone else (like a child), or for a group. Read the Help article

Zenoti Mobile*

*Zenoti Mobile feature coming soon.

Group Booking and Group Payments Now Supported (iOS)

With this release, Zenoti Mobile will support group bookings. Using this feature, employees with appropriate permissions can book group appointments and accept group payments.

Customer Mobile App

Restrict Zenoti Go for Guests with Active Memberships

Earlier, Zenoti Go was available for every guest. Now, you can choose to restrict Zenoti Go features to only those guests with an active membership. Features that are impacted include self check-in, self-pay, and auto-pay. To learn about minor enhancements in this product update, read the support article.


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