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The past two years have been immensely challenging for the beauty and wellness industry. From the initial shock of COVID-19 and the rollercoaster of closures, to implementing PPE and social distancing, to working hard to welcome guests back comfortably even a year later. Just as brands have finally settled into a post-pandemic routine, the industry is hit with supplier issues and a rapidly rising cost of doing business.

To keep thriving in the current climate, it’s crucial to make the most of every revenue stream – and find new ones. In our Getting back to pre-COVID revenue webinar, we spoke to Michael Nass, co-owner of Indira Salon and Spa, about his best strategies for driving revenue.

You can watch the full webinar here (it’s jam-packed with ideas) or keep reading for a taster of the tips Nass shared:

1. Increase your online visibility

People now spend a third of their waking time – an average of 4.8 hours per day – using mobile apps. This includes your guests, of course, so ensure you have a strong digital presence to reach them with information about your services and promotions.

First, list your business on Google to make it easy for current and potential guests to find you. Then, create a social media strategy to post regularly on your channels. To maintain a consistent brand image and tone of voice, nominate one or two staff members to manage your account(s). Alternatively, you can hire a social media agency to do it for you.

As part of your social media strategy, enable “social booking,” meaning guests can hit a ‘Book now’ button to schedule an appointment as soon as they see a tempting offer or style in one of your posts. This takes advantage of a convenient method for online booking. If there are too many steps between seeing a post and booking a visit – like navigating to your website or, worse, having to wait until the morning to call you – guests will get distracted, forget, or go elsewhere.

2. Introduce a referral program

Your guests keep coming back to your business because they love your services and providers. That loyalty is one of your greatest assets for getting new guests.

Having an attractive, visible, easily accessible rewards program helps your current guests act as advocates, spreading the word about your business. If you don’t currently have a referral rewards program, now is a great time to start: With nearly all beauty and wellness businesses closed or with limited services due to the pandemic, your guests likely have friends or family members looking for their next beauty destination.

But what’s the best method to implement and manage a referral program? The old ways of handing out business cards or flyers for referrals can still work, but Indira Salon and Spa has opted for a modern, digital program instead.

They use their beauty and wellness software to include a referral code in post-visit follow-up messages. This encourages guests to share their experience with others while they’re still glowing from their latest treatment.

The software solution keeps track of redemptions and rewards, making the referral process as effortless for the front desk as it is for the guests.

The getting back to pre-COVID revenue webinar is available on demand.

Watch now

3. Make guests aware of all your offerings

New guest acquisition isn’t the only key to increasing revenue. There are also ways to inspire your current clientele to spend more and stay satisfied. Nearly all salons and spas offer a range of complementary services – but a common mistake is to assume guests are aware of all of them. Many guests likely have one or two favorite services and consistently rebook these without looking at your entire menu.

Add-on recommendations will increase your average ticket cost and give your business a revenue boost. So, make sure a lack of information doesn’t cause your guests to go to another brand for services that you offer. Train your providers to recommend complementary services a natural part of the appointment. They can say something like: “I love this new cut on you, would you like a brow wax to complete the look?”

4. Capitalize on all upselling opportunities

Look at your booking process and consider if there are any untapped opportunities for upselling or cross-selling prior to, or during, the appointment.

Your beauty and wellness software can be a great asset to this end. A modern online booking solution should make it easy for guests to explore and add complementary products and services when booking. For example, a guest booking a hair color appointment can add a conditioning treatment with a single tap.

Encourage providers to upsell in the chair, too. Let them know that while a small add-on service may only cost a few extra dollars, those extra dollars every day could result in a sizable revenue boost over the course of a year.

5. Continue the experience after the appointment

Extend that post-treatment connection by establishing communication touchpoints with your guests after they leave your premises. Follow up each service with a thank-you message, sent via text message or email. Include a referral link to share with family and friends, or ask them to review their experience to show that you care about their opinion (or both).

Getting reviews isn’t valuable only for gathering feedback. It’s also an essential tool for attracting new guests. In fact, 77% percent of consumers read reviews regularly when looking for a local business. Make sure to feature your top reviews on your website and social media pages to emphasize your brand’s best qualities. Also, remember to acknowledge any feedback – especially negative or critical – to show guests that their views matter.


The world looks different today compared to 2019, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get back to pre-pandemic profits. With the right strategies, you can create sustainable revenue that will drive your business forward for years to come.

In Getting back to pre-COVID revenue webinar, Michael also talks about how to:

  • Reduce no-shows
  • Enforce cancellation policies (without upsetting guests)
  • Encourage guests to rebook
  • Build a business website that drives revenue

… and much more. The webinar is available on demand for your convenience. Watch it here.


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