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Customize for your business

Drive the most business value from customers by configuring rewards programs from product purchases to referrals, online bookings, reviews, and more, to serve your business needs.

Create a seamless guest experience

Empower customers to easily redeem loyalty points online, or at any of your locations, and track balances on your website or app.

Grow revenue with promotions

Maintain profit margins and avoid revenue loss, while also encouraging program sign-ups, by running loyalty point promotions instead of offering discounts.

Unify operations

Zenoti integrates even the most granular loyalty program details to enable access across all platforms and touchpoints. With POS integration, staff can quickly view a guest’s loyalty points at checkout for redemptions and upsell opportunities.

Zenoti digital forms enable our therapists to focus on the customer without worrying about the paperwork, resulting in superior customer experience.
Denise Keeler, COO
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A rewards program that’s easy to manage and track

Flexible program options

Encourage higher spends by implementing a simple flat-point or tiered-point system.

Effective reporting

Access insights into program usage with a variety of report options.

Error-free rewarding

Reduce liability and mistakes by awarding points only after closing an invoice.

A unified program

Ensure a consistent guest experience with the same program at each location with easy reconciliations between centers.

Simple set up

Create your program within an hour and define how your customers will earn and redeem points.

Grow revenue

Run targeted marketing campaigns based on program insights to encourage repeat bookings and purchases.

Learn how to build a long-lasting customer base and provide a high-quality experience to every guest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is salon / spa rewards and loyalty program?

The customers are the nerve center of any salon/spa. The business exists because of its customers. Therefore, business must do all what it takes to make the customers feel that they’re important, and highly valued. A salon/spa rewards and loyalty program is nothing a way to communicate to your clients how important they are for you, and how much you value and appreciate the relationship which exists. With cut throat competition in the beauty industry, a salon/spa rewards and loyalty program is a great tool to engage the customer and ensure that they get duly rewarded for their contribution towards your business. Aside from just engaging with and rewarding the customer, a loyalty program highly contributes towards the customer retention plan and ensures that you have a steady stream of repeat customers.

How can I create a Salon Rewards and Loyalty Program with Zenoti?

Zenoti salon rewards and loyalty program gives you the flexibility to design the rewards and loyalty program that meets the goals and plans of your business model. Whether you choose to create a flat level loyalty program or a tiered structure, you can accomplish it all with Zenoti Rewards. The system can be configured to allocate a pre-defined set of loyalty points based on the action. For instance, based on the purchase of services and products clients will accrue a set of loyalty points. Similarly, if the client refers a friend they would get referral points. In order to enhance the system you can choose the tiered loyalty rewards program, which segregates the clients based on their cumulative spends in a year. The tiered program has its own set of advantages such that your providers across all locations can easily know the level of the client and make necessary personalized arrangements to make the client feel both welcome and comfortable.

How do salon loyalty programs work?

The salon loyalty program works by rewarding your repeat clients with additional benefits on their special days and occasions. Salons deploy various forms of technology such as membership cards, punch cards, or simply by leveraging technology in the form of a salon management software and deploy a points-based reward system. Purchase of various products and services, along with the associated revenue that these products bring in, customers are awarded points. Once a particular point threshold is reached, customers are free to redeem these points to either avail products or services. Aside from the point based system, the salon/spa can also send customers personalized offers, based on their past purchase history, on their special days as a gesture to extend greetings and welcome them to make them feel more special.

How can Rewards and Loyalty programs help in salon/spa business growth?

One of the prime ways that rewards and loyalty programs help in growth of business, is by preventing existing clients to turn to competitors. Loyalty programs work on the basic concept of keep rewarding and keep encouraging the client. Designed to adequately maximize the client value in the business, these programs provide highly personalized offers to clients such that they can avail more services and buy more products. Further, higher the client spends the higher are the rewards in form of free services and products or special discounts on high value services. A well designed reward and loyalty program also allows you to not only retain existing clients but also organically grow the client base by the word-of-mouth promotions.

Dominic Blake, Blushes Hair & Beauty
Dominic Blake
Managing Director, Blushes Hair & Beauty
Isabel Steward, Douglas J Companies
Isabel Steward
Director of Guest Service, Douglas J Companies
Brendon Mann, Epic Hair Designs
Brendon Mann
Director, Epic Hair Designs

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