Enrich Salons Grows From 10 to 54 Salons

By Emily Martin

October 2, 2015

In just a few years Enrich Salons grew from 12 to 54 salons. We asked Bhupesh Dinger, Director of Operations at Enrich Salons, to share how he prepared for such rapid scale. In this case study, Bhupesh shares how using Zenoti’s (formerly ManageMySpa) alerts helped support their growth and achieve operational excellence. Here’s what he had to say….

Why Are Alerts Important For Your Salon’s Operations?

We use fifteen alerts, which allow us to oversee most of our operations. Overseeing our operations through ‘managing by exception’ offers us far better operational control and makes us more efficient. Rather than having to stay on top of every operational process every day, we use alerts to notify us when something is not performing as expected. It was also essential to do this once we achieved our current scale.

Can You Describe An Alert That Changed An Existing Process?

We used to monitor stock levels every day at each center. The salon manager exported lists to Excel, sent it to our admin office with her estimated indent, we’d have a lot of filters set up and would analyze stock levels from that. This was doable, but it took an inventory team that did this on a daily basis. If there was an issue, we’d have to coordinate with the salon manager to resolve the problem.

Overall, the process depended on the salon manager’s understanding and estimate of her projected business-which was not a reliable or scalable system for us. As we started growing, we simply couldn’t check inventory levels at every center every day. We used Zenoti’s inventory capabilities for our auditing and stock management. And we adopted two of the inventory alerts.

The first warns us when we’re running low on any stock item; and the other, when we’re critically low and in danger of going to be at negative stock. These alerts ensure we never run out of stock, either for self consumption or for after care product sale. This is important for us to ensure we can deliver the requested service and also that we have enough of the right retail products when we run a promotion that bundles products with services.

Do You Have All The Alerts Sent Via SMS (Text Message)?

For the more critical alerts, we have Zenoti send them by SMS (text message). The ones that don’t require immediate action, we use email. The inventory alerts and pilferage related alerts, like the one that warns us if too many invoices were delete require escalation, so those are sent by SMS.

Can You Describe Another Alert That You Find Useful?

I use the appointment alerts that warn me if too few appointments were created. The low footfall alert warns me of one of a few possibilities. It might mean that we should launch a marketing activity for a specific salon. The low footfall could also possibly be due to potential revenue leakage (pilferage) or in some cases, due to an unwillingness to provide a service around the salon’s closing time. After I receive the alert, I’ll watch this center closely for 2 days to identify the problem.

Do You Have Any Other Insights Or Tips To Share Around Alerts?

When I first activate an alert, I set it up only for a few salons and have the SMS or emails sent directly to me. As soon as I receive an alert, I’ll call the salon and get the details on the issue. We then work together to identify and fix any issues with our own process. After we’ve cleaned up our internal process, I then change the recipients in Zenoti and have the alerts sent to the salon manager and zonal manager so that they can take appropriate actions

About Enrich Salons

Enrich Salons is Mumbai’s largest unisex salon with over 50 centers that span 5 cities. In the past few years they successfully more than doubled their number of salons and are continuing to rapidly scale. Their customers appreciate the quality of service Enrich offers, through high quality of training, consistency in service and overall focus on customer satisfaction.

Visit Enrich Salon’s website at www.enrichsalon.com.

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