Boost Your Business With Text Messaging!

Boost Your Business With Text Messaging!

Drive your business with spa/salon software

Everyone uses text messaging (SMS) these days, whether it’s to communicate with friends, family or colleagues. One of today’s hottest companies, Twitter, made it possible for you to receive a steady stream of updates from your favorite people, celebrities and company brands through text messages. Needless to say, text messaging is both a commonplace and effective method to communicate with most people. Consider that 98% of all text messages are read and 90% are read within the first hour. If you’ve ever run a marketing promotion, you know these are phenomenal results. So, have you thought about how you to use text messaging to benefit your business? At Zenoti, we’ve seen customers use text messaging successfully in a number of ways. Largely, these fall into four categories:
  • Text messages that streamline your operations. Things like sending customers appointment confirmations and reminders.

You can send these manually, which is easier than a phone call. But, by automating appointment confirmations and reminders, you reduce administrative effort for the front desk, and help avoid cancellations, no-shows and late arrivals. Avoiding even a few cancellations or no-shows a week can translate into big returns for you.

Other examples include automated birthday messages to customers and membership expiry messages.

  • Promoting your business, new services or offers

Text messaging is affordable. And statistics show that people respond to an offer delivered in a text message up to 80% of the time. Given these stats, this method could possibly become your most effective promotion vehicle!

  • Keeping managers informed of critical issues. Use text messages to alert managers on low stock levels, when an employee hasn’t shown up to work, if a customer sends in negative feedback or a number of other operationally disruptive actions.

Again, you can send these manually, but with automated messages, which is built-in with Zenoti software, you can have the system automatically track and alert managers.

Whether you’re looking to attract more business or simply run your existing business more easily, the possibilities are limitless with text messaging. We’ve put together a list of 27 ways to effectively use text messaging to boost revenue – check out our eBook. While you can use text messaging effectively without software, Zenoti makes it easy for you to set up automated messages that consistently help you drive more business into your spa or salon.  

Text messages that streamline your operations


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