5 Tips to Design Perfect Birthday Email

Birthdays are filled with lots of great things - celebrations, gifts, cakes and birthday emails.

Not surprisingly, birthday emails from spa and salon is more than welcome. In fact, birthday emails get better open rates than any promotional or even transactional emails that retailers and service companies like spas and salons send.

To help you make the most of your birthday emails, I’m sharing a birthday email I received from one of my favorite retailers - Anthropologie, along with 5 tips to help you design your perfect birthday email. (Tip #5 is brilliant!)

Anthropologie Perfect Birthday Promotion

Tip #1: Use ‘birthday’ in your subject line

Use the word “birthday” in your subject line to ensure high open rates. Anthropologie used the subject line - Your birthday treat!

Tip #2: Give a real birthday treat

Give a real birthday treat by offering a truly special deal. Anthropologie offers a generous discount, extends the offer for a whole month and includes free shipping, which is not part of their everyday perks.

Tip #3: Make it easy for your guest to complete the call to action

The birthday email includes a link to the retailer’s website. I’m encouraged to immediately start browsing their website, and with the free shipping offer, that’s an extra perk to get me to place an order.

Having an attractive, functional website is just as important for a spa or salon. You want to make it as easy as possible for your guest to book their appointment. Your birthday promotion can also encourage retail sales, in which case your website should make browsing and purchasing easy for your guest.

In order for guests to complete a transaction online, ensure your website can track and apply promotion codes!

Tip #4: Capture every guest’s email address

Sending birthday emails, means that you capture each guest’s birthday and the email in the first place! You should be capturing this information as part of your registration or intake process. With Zenoti, the process is completely digital, without requiring any manual effort. You also have the option of capturing only the day and month.

Tip #5: Birthday emails (both of them!) are automated

I received the first email on the first day of the month. Then, I received the same email in the last week of the month with a different subject line.

Subject: Your birthday treat expires soon!

Their system was smart enough to see that I hadn’t redeemed the offer, and sent out a reminder. And, by sending it close to the end of the month, they made me aware that the promotion would end, and I would have to act soon to redeem my special offer.

Anthropologie is clearly a brand that does marketing right. And one example is this brithday email, not because it’s beautiful or because the visuals and content are perfectly aligned with their brand, or that it combines all the elements for a highly effective email - but, because this email is perfectly automated. The email promotion works in tandem with their CRM software, which means the offer would also automatically expire after the offer period.

No doubt, Anthropologie uses marketing software to manage the millions of birthday emails they send out each year.

The best part - you can automate birthday emails just like Anthropologie’s as well.

With Zenoti’s Always On Campaigns, choose an email template and an offer, and the software automatically sends customers a personalized birthday greeting with the promotion.

Are you an existing client, wanting to make the most of Always On? Contact us at support@zenoti.com.

If you’re a spa or salon interested in this powerful marketing feature, let us show you Zenoti in action. Contact us at sales@zenoti.com.

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