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Do you want to sell more retail? If retail doesn’t account for 30 percent of your sales revenue, you have the potential to improve the profitability with salon management software or spa management software.

Check out these 46 ideas to start immediately boosting your retail sales.

Create Promotions, Packages and Communications

1. Create a package that bundles retail with a service.

2. Sell a service and send a product home with the customer. For example, send pedicure customers home with the nail polish from their service. Your service price should include the cost (if slightly discounted) of the polish. Do the same for sunscreen with a facial, or a bath salt with a foot massage.

3. Offer a discount on same-day retail purchases with every gift card sold.

4. Offer a membership discount on retail products.

5. Reward loyalty points for every retail purchase.

6. Rather than discount retail, run a promotion that awards extra loyalty points. For example, “Earn double loyalty points on any retail purchase of $50.”

7. Pair a slow-moving product with a popular service or another fast moving product.

8. Send a product refill reminder when a customer’s product is about to run out. (Software can automate this for you!)

9. Target communications about luxury products to your high spenders.

10. Sell retail online – it makes product refills easy for existing customers and can attract new customers. (Zenoti offers an online store that’s fully integrated with your payment gateway and inventory capabilities).

11. Make sure visitors are recommended retail during the online booking process.

12. Offer an online special, like free shipping on purchases over $25.

13. Print a coupon that is personalized to the customer’s visit. For example, if the customer just had a pedicure, the coupon could be for a mani-pedi and nail polish package for their next visit.

14. Bundle gift cards with retail items during Valentine’s Day, Christmas and other holidays. It’s the perfect gift as it combines both a service (via the gift card) and something for the visitor to keep.

15. Create a gift basket filled with products, which is perfect for occasions like Mother’s Day.

16. Email or text customers every time you run a retail promotion.

Empower Your Service Providers

17. Provide basic training to staff on techniques to recommend a product through a consultative approach. Customers view their provider as an expert and will take their expert recommendations.

18. Encourage a home-care regimen that includes retail products.

19. Fill out a prescription card with personalized product recommendations that the customer takes with them to the front desk. Highlight the single top choice to give customers a starting point.

20. Collaborate with the front desk on your recommendations, so the front desk is prepared to mention the right items to the client

21. Enter any special notes or recommendations in the system for future reference — be consistent and thorough to save time later.

22. Accept training from the retail manufacturer or vendor.

23. Providers will sell what they believe in and have used before. Allow for sampling items so they truly buy into what they’re recommending.

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Define a Process for Your Front Desk

24. Start the process before the customer’s appointment. When calling to confirm the appointment, mention any retail promotions that are going on in a casual, informative way. For example, the script might be “When you’re in, be sure to check out our special promotion on XYZ products.”

25. The front desk should have the service provider’s recommended products already pulled and visible to the customer, and mentions the items at the time of checkout.

26. Script the right language. You’ll see better results from a statement like, ‘I see your stylist, Jennifer, recommends you try out the smoothing cream. Can I pull that for you?” than “Would you like to buy a product?”

27. Print products that were used during the customer’s appointment on their receipt as a reminder for their next visit — after they've felt the product benefits.

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Track and Reward Good Performance

28. Define staff targets for retail sales. Ideally, you’ll want retail sales to reach (and exceed) 25 percent of service revenue.

29. If staff can’t check their performance through their mobile devices, be sure to post performance in a visible place. Review with team and individuals on a weekly, if not daily basis.

30. Tie retail sales performance into commissions. Tiered commissions can award more on reaching a high target.

31. Reward staff based on their performance for the previous month — whomever sold the most retail gets booked first for walk-ins.

32. Run a contest. Tailor the prize to what motivates your staff and fits your budget. Anything from concert tickets to free products or a coffee shop gift card. Run the contest for two weeks, a month or even a quarter depending on the size of the prize.

Try Smart Inventory and Vendor Management

33. Ask your favorite line if they can provide samples for staff to get to know the product.

34. Make sure you don’t run out of stock. Generally, you can stock two months of supply, but it will depend on your volume of usage and retail sales.

35. Track your hero performers, the products that sell fast, to avoid shortages

36. Don’t overstock, which can tie up cash flow.

37. Track slow moving products and encourage sales with our promotion ideas.

38. Mirror your back-bar professional products with your retail shelf, this makes it easier for your staff to recommend products.

39. Monitor shrinkage, which can be from misuse of professional products or outright theft, by placing product in highly visible areas.  While this doesn't help you sell more retail, it certainly saves you in inventory costs.

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Use Merchandising That Appeals to Customers

40. Keep shelves clean and well stocked.

41. Use display shelves rather than bookshelves, since shelves are easier to reach into.

42. Don't lock products behind glass doors.

43. Think about the visual impact, you’ll want to arrange products in an attractive display.

44. Try to keep retail shelves in eye sight of the front desk, which helps to discourage theft.

45. Ask for testers from your vendor and display these so the customer can touch, smell and try the product.

46. If you offer a satisfaction guarantee, make sure your customers know with signage or have it be part of your script.

With the right tools and setup, you’ll be able to engage your customers, involve your employees, manage your inventory, automate your marketing and promote creatively for better retail sales.

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