No lines. No waiting. No stress.

Imagine if your customers could walk in, enjoy your services, and walk out—no standing in line, no shared devices, and no front desk interactions. Zenoti Go offers touchless mobile check-ins and payments with Auto-Pay and Self-Pay—to get customers to and from their appointments efficiently. It runs seamlessly on your consumer and employee mobile apps, making it a stress-free solution for your business.

Auto-Pay/Self-Pay—no-queue checkout and tipping

After the service, your customers breeze through the exit, skipping the checkout line. Your provider uses their mobile device to add any retail/add-ons to the invoice and initiates automatic payment. Customers receive Auto-Pay confirmation on their app and can add additional tips on the go. Customers can also add tips and directly pay on the app.

With alerts on payment failures, you know that every departing customer has paid.

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Rate on the go

Happy customers come back and refer new customers. With an intuitive tag-based format, customers can quickly rate their experiences. You can share the feedback with providers, follow up on negative experiences, and win back unhappy customers. Build your brand’s online reputation by redirecting customers to share online reviews.

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Keep employees safer

Your providers and front desk benefit from the reduced use of shared devices and fewer customer interactions. Empower providers to update appointment statuses, upsell at the service chair and add retail/add-ons to invoices, and initiate payment at their fingertips — helping them focus on meaningfulcustomer interactions.

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Francesca Webster, CEO, Brazillian Beauty

Francesca Webster, CEO, Brazillian Beauty reveals how she loves Zenoti's Artificial Intelligence function and exactly Zenoti's software solution saved their time and money.

Brendon Lynch, CEO, Rudy's Barbershop

Brendon Lynch, CEO, Rudy's Barbershop reveals how Zenoti's salon software has brought many strategic benefits to the business providing a seamless experience to his clients.
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