Do you know what your guests think about your services?

90% of surveyed consumers stated that positive reviews played a role in their buying decision. Find out today with feedback, reviews, and issue management solutions that improve guest satisfaction and fuel business growth.
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Enhance your digital presence

Prompt guests to leave a review on a 5-star rating framework after their service. Easily share and promote these reviews on social media platforms to boost your brand’s image, attract new guests, and increase conversions.

Use feedback to drive change

Evaluate ratings and reviews to improve your services, exceed expectations, and foster innovation. Utilize reviews to celebrate team wins, highlight strengths, and identify areas for improvement.

Win back unhappy guests

Zenoti ensures you receive automatic notifications of poor ratings, so you can swiftly identify and resolve issues and avoid losing the guest.

Did you know?

Zenoti customers win back 70% of
unhappy guests
by remedying their
concerns promptly thanks to our immediate
feedback alerts.

Delight your guests by focusing on what matters most to them.

Easily identify and resolve issues. Turn positive experiences into growth with Zenoti Feedback & Reviews.

Actionable insights

Keep your finger on the pulse of guest experience with reports at the center and business levels.

Intuitive tag-based system

Monitor feedback by provider, service, or tags at the center or business level for deeper insights.

A customized experience

Create a branded review request message to send to guests.

Assess ratings

Define what you consider a poor rating (i.e., 3 stars and below)

Service-specific feedback

Choose which services trigger a review request for targeted learnings.

All-in-one solution

Submit, review, and resolve issues in one place.
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Learn how Enrich Salons grew their feedback collection to 45% in just 4 months

Hear what Zenoti customers have to say:

"Rating is an important part of our strong focus on the guest experience. It gives us feedback on the guest experience in almost real-time. Knowing what the client thinks about the new experience has been really important as we reopen. It’s great to share that positive feedback with our team as they are learning to work with the new changes, too."
Scott Missad, President & CEO
Gene Juarez Salons & Spas
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"Birds' Barbershop provides exceptional customer experience to all y'all by delivering high-quality service in a relaxing, fun environment. To do that, we wanted to create a seamless experience for guests and staff alike. With Zenoti, we get instant feedback from our customers, which gives us ability to act quickly and make improvements on the fly."
Jayson Rapport, Co-Founder
Birds Barbershop
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can the Zenoti feedback solution improve guest satisfaction?

Let us be honest, everyone loves to be heard and your clients are no different. Thus, as a business operating in beauty industry it is important that you allow your guests an opportunity to leave feedback. By encouraging guests to rate your service on multiple criteria you can ascertain where you and your team are exceeding guest expectation and where there is room for improvement. The feedback received from guests, should always be parsed to understand the expectations and evaluated to foster innovation to meet reasonable expectations of the guests. Zenoti feedback solution is designed to parse through multiple feedbacks to almost instantaneously highlight poor ratings such that remedial measures can be implemented to ensure that such issues do not happen repeatedly. As a result, Zenoti feedback solution ensures that loss of guest can be avoided at all times.

Which reviews are approved, and what is the moderation process?

The purpose of reviewing and moderating the guest feedback is to ensure that both sides of the equation are balanced. On one hand, the guests should get a fair and equitable opportunity to rate their experience and cite areas of improvement and on the other hand, the salon/spa business should not suffer due to malfeasance of guests. The moderation process involves a few steps to ensure that only genuine feedback is being recorded in the system or being made public.  Thus, it is important that before any review is made public it must be checked for its authenticity, language content, verification of reviewer’s identity. Further, by defining ratings criteria the business can ensure that assessment process is standardized.

How can we verify if the feedback is from legitimate end-user?

Ideally, it is best to encourage all guests to provide feedback on the services rendered to them. However, in such a scenario, it is highly likely that some guests may leave reviews that are negative and / or scathing in nature. In such a situation, it is best to raise a ticket or flag that review for further investigation to ascertain what exactly transpired that led to negative review. The process of investigation, often known as deep dive, it is important to reach out to the client to understand and ask follow up questions to gauge the authenticity of the review. This must be followed up by checking and corroborating the facts with your internal quality assurance plans to understand what went wrong. Once the investigation is over, if you find that the concerns were legitimate it is important to promptly apologize and offer alternative solution.

What kind of insights does the Zenoti feedback & review provide?

Zenoti feedback and review provides deep insights on the various business processes of your salon/ spa. The feedback system can be programmed to collect as detailed or as basic information that you seek from the guests about the business processes. Almost all processes can be rated, individually, to provide feedback. From ease of booking and check-in to friendliness of the provider, and ease of payment, the system can collect feedback on each and every process followed by the overall experience rating to ascertain how satisfied the guests were. Based on the feedback thus received the salon/spa management team can figure out the business processes which need to be further streamlined and improved to enhance the overall guest experience.

Dominic Blake, Blushes Hair & Beauty
Dominic Blake
Managing Director, Blushes Hair & Beauty
Isabel Steward, Douglas J Companies
Isabel Steward
Director of Guest Service, Douglas J Companies
Brendon Mann, Epic Hair Designs
Brendon Mann
Director, Epic Hair Designs

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