Top 3 ways to manage pilferage at your spa or salon

Top 3 ways to manage pilferage at your spa or salon

Pilferage may mean petty theft, but there is nothing petty about the hit it can have on your bottom line if left unchecked. From an employee perspective, the best way to handle pilferage is to be transparent with your staff about the impact theft has on the business and on them. Sometimes a quick list of ideas is just the thing to get started, so here you go!

1. Create a clear policy for staff

Creating a clear policy that describes what does and doesn’t constitute pilferage is the first step in dealing transparently with pilferage. Once you do so, you reduce the possibility of any misunderstanding with your staff. It will also help you deal with staff in a clear cut and fair manner if you catch them stealing.

2. Create back bar inventory controls

The only way to identify theft or wastage for back bar products is to implement a control system that projects product usage. Here’s what that system may look like:

  • Know the starting inventory/amounts for your back bar products.
  • Know how much of each product should be used for each service.
  • Know how many services you’ve sold over a period of time.
  • Calculate the total amount of each product used for each service over that period of time.
  • Compare how much product should have been used (e.g., 200 shampoo pumps based on 100 hair wash services) and how much was actually used based on the amount that remains. A big discrepancy probably indicates theft. A smaller difference may mean wastage is an issue, e.g., 3 pumps of shampoo for each hair wash, rather than 2 pumps.

3. Offer staff discounts or free products

Giving staff discounts, free services, free products, or even birthday gift cards will create a positive workplace culture where generosity and appreciation are of value to you. This can go a long way in reducing the urge for staff to “reward themselves” by taking products.

More ways to take control

In the spa and salon industry, you might not be able to do away with theft altogether, but you can likely reduce it putting these three ideas to use. Check out, Dealing with Pilferage in Your Spa or Salon, to discover more strategies.

In addition, Zenoti’s all-in-one management software has a number of ways you can mitigate pilferage and improve your bottom line. To learn more, request a demo today!

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