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We’ve just released a newly designed mobile app for your guests. What’s so great about it, and why should you check it out? So often, spas and salons invest in building a mobile app for their customers, mainly to enable convenient bookings, and perhaps also to engage guests between visits. But in reality, after they build and launch the app, it doesn’t make traction with their guests or materially changes how guests book their appointments. We spent many hours looking at what was working and what wasn’t working in the world of consumer apps, both by evaluating data from our own previous iteration of the Customer Mobile App, as well as many other apps across other industries. The result is that we’ve designed a new and improved app for spa and salon customers, one that provides real value to your guests, and in effect will get used frequently. Check out this video for a quick tour of the new design and why we think this is a winner app.

To recap, here’s why your guests will love this new and improved customer app.

Hassle-Free Logins

It sounds simple, but unclear logins are a big barrier in getting your customers to use your app. With Zenoti, we’ve made it easy for first-time users to log in, while considering all the scenarios a user might run into, whether it’s issue with a missing email address, phone number or duplicate entries. Just as importantly, once a visitor logs in, they can stay logged in. How’s that for convenience! On logging in, the customer’s profile is pulled into the app.

Incredibly Quick and Easy Bookings

Our Quick Booking panel makes it incredibly easy to rebook an appointment for a new date and time, in fact, it can take as little as 2 clicks! This is perfect for regular guests at a salon or spa or membership-based businesses.

Leverages the Presence of Multiple Locations

One of the biggest advantages that a multi-location business has is the increased physical presence. Our new app is all about convenience for your guest, and so we’ve made it easy for a guest to find availability for a service at any nearby location.

Built in Marketing

Zenoti’s marketing capabilities tie into the mobile app. This means that you can send notifications, on the fly, as well as set up automated workflows, which ensure that customers are engaged with on a frequent basis.

Branded for your Business

Our customer app will look and feel like your own brand. Our team will help you put your own ‘skin’ on the app - so your customers have a seamless experience from your website, to your app and to their visit to your spa or salon.

In Conclusion

Our mobile app for customers goes beyond bookings. We’ve looked to build something that creates real value for your customers and drives growth for your business. If you’d like to learn more about launching a mobile app for your customers, contact us at


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