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3 Ways Having a Customer Mobile App Helps You Grow

Learn how a customer mobile app can drive growth for your salon, spa or medspa business.

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Did you know that 70% of salon and spa appointments are booked from a mobile device?  

Mobiles put your brand in the hands of your target audience, give them 24/7 booking convenience, and encourage impulse purchases when the mood strikes (hey, we’ve all done it)! Plus, health and fitness app downloads are increasing 47% year-over-year with more than $1.5 billion being spent on these apps every year!  

So, how exactly can a branded app help your beauty and wellness business to grow? Let us explain.  

1. Attract New Guests

Apps are a huge part of our everyday lives, with 90% of time on mobile devices spent in apps and the average person having 11 apps on their phone.  

What does it mean for you? An opportunity to connect and engage with guests where they are and keep your brand top of mind!

Picture this. A potential new guest is deciding whether to book an appointment at yours or a competitor’s salon. Yours has a great app where they can browse services, learn about the providers, purchase retail products, and book an appointment. The competitor is directing them to a phone number where they can book between the hours of 9-5. Whose salon are they choosing?  


“We’ve had 90,000 appointments scheduled and over 21,000 app downloads.” -Bridgette Barbato, Director of Studios, MiniLuxe

Hit play to learn more.

Tip: A branded customer mobile app will get you noticed, but you must get it out there. 40% of smartphone users browse for apps using an app store like Google Play or Apple but that’s not the only way people find your app.  

“Mobile app marketing is an advertising medium that can complement a brand's offline experience, drive e-commerce, or simply help connect a brand with its loyal customers.”

According to data from Think with Google, the top way to get your app noticed is with a social media advertising campaign. Increase your visibility and chances of getting in front of potential new guests by strategically advertising your new and exciting app.  

2. Upsell with Ease

The average spend per visit in salons, spas, and medspas increased by over 40% in 2021 compared to 2019.

Guests are now opting for more services in one appointment and an easy to use, fully branded, digital app helps them to easily and conveniently book as many as they want.  

“Our guests love using the mobile platform to book and to pay for their services. It's been so easy. They don't have to call. They're able to download an app, create a profile and book their appointments with the artists that we have working here. It's actually been very, very convenient.” Jonathon Levi, owner of  Jonny Levi Studio and Zenoti customer.  

Ensure your brand is their go-to with a mobile app and you could see up to 12% more services per invoice and 30% higher spend in your centers!

Impact of consumer app on add-ons

Finally, guests expect to be able to source all their favorite products when it suits them, so increase your product sales even when your business is closed by helping them to shop your retail products directly on the app and watch your revenue grow.  

Tip: Ensure your app is fast to load and navigate or you could lose your audience! Research shows that 75% of smartphone users are more likely to purchase from brands whose app allows them to transact quickly.

3. Protect Against No-Shows & Cancellations

Open appointments are one of the biggest challenges for owners of beauty and wellness businesses, leading to lost revenue and lower earnings for providers. So having an app that helps avoid this is a sure-fire way to grow revenue.  

Our customer data shows that spas with a Zenoti-powered customer mobile app have seen a 10% drop in cancellations and no-shows.

Sundays from 4 - 8 PM are the most popular day and time to book appointments as guests are getting their week in order. Being able to go directly into your app to cancel or change an appointment when it suits them rather than trying to remember on a busy Monday morning will make their lives a lot easier and increase the chance of you receiving advance notice.  

Our data also shows that automatic reminders that go out to guests ahead of an appointment, result in 13% cancellations for salons. This is beneficial because having advance notice prevents no-shows and allows you to fill open slots more confidently with walk-ins, yielding 100% serviced appointments!  

In other words, when you have this data, you can take action to keep your appointment book full and revenue coming in.

But you need more than just daily booking data to grow your business. Learn more about how you can grow in 2022 here.

Key Takeaways

Here are some tips to help you set your customer mobile experience apart and keep your app on their home screen:

  1. Enable push notifications: send upcoming promotions, deals, new product launch announcements, and service updates via your mobile app to keep guests engaged and in the loop.
  1. Deliver an easy and engaging experience: ensure you’re always within your guests’ reach and make it easy for them to book, check-in/out, complete forms, refer friends, and more all in one place.  

Finally, if these mobile app statistics piqued your interest, we have so many more industry trends, data, and insights to share with you with through Benchmarks by Zenoti.


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Emily Martin
Zenoti Copywriter
A self-confessed bookworm with a passion for languages and weaving together words. Happiest when immersed in nature, either on horseback or skis, or curled up with a good thriller. Emily's writing focuses on sharing trends and insights impacting the beauty and wellness industry.
Cullie Poseria
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Fitness
Coming from a healthcare family, growing up as a competitive athlete, and being trained as a filmmaker, and MBA, Cullie brings diverse experience to her storytelling and digital business-to-business product marketing. Her writing focuses on sharing trends and insights from her experience in software, entertainment, wellness, and fitness.
Emily Martin
Zenoti Copywriter
A self-confessed bookworm with a passion for languages and weaving together words. Happiest when immersed in nature, either on horseback or skis, or curled up with a good thriller. Emily's writing focuses on sharing trends and insights impacting the beauty and wellness industry.

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