As a salon or spa owner, you're always looking to update your service menu, boost guest satisfaction, and streamline your operations. Of course, revenue growth is always top of mind, too – but the steps to achieve it may not always be clear.  

First and foremost, your management software should be helping you maximize revenue and profits. This idea often takes many by surprise. Can software really do that? Yes, it can – and yours should.

The Zenoti platform includes automation and optimizations (booking, guest experience) that run behind the scenes 24x7. These features help beauty and wellness businesses drive more appointments, upsell effectively, and recover interrupted bookings – all without manual intervention.

This blog post covers five revenue-boosting features any business can take advantage of with Zenoti spa and salon management software. You'll see screenshots from the booking flows of brands using Zenoti: nail salons Glosslab and MiniLuxe; Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa; and tanning salon Pure Glow.  

The details below show the revenue possibilities for any salon or spa dealing with inadequate software and clunky booking experiences. Here’s what to look for when considering software that works for you:

Feature #1: Automatic upsell suggestions

When guests book online, they receive automated suggestions for add-ons to complement or upgrade the service being booked.

In the following Glosslab experience, a guest booking a gel mani gets four add-on suggestions.  

Automatic upsell suggestions

The gel mani itself costs $55, and the add-ons range from $4 to $40. Let's do the math: For every guest with an add-on, the ticket size goes up anywhere between 7% and 72%, boosting revenue for Glosslab.

Female hands holding pink autumn flower

Give the booking flow a try to see how seamless the add-on experience is for Glosslab guests booking online.

Business benefit: Revenue enhancement

With related upsells added to the salon scheduling software, spas and salons can boost ticket size before guests even walk in the door. The higher tickets inspire bigger tips for service providers, too.

Additional benefits

A better guest experience: With add-ons extending or enhancing their service, your customers get more from their visits. Why not get flowers on that gel mani?

Less work for staff: Your front desk staff and service providers save the time and effort needed for in-store upsells.

Feature #2: Nearby location booking

If a customer booking an appointment online finds their desired slot unavailable, does your current software suggest a nearby location for your brand? It should. With Zenoti, guests are encouraged to choose slots at your other locations.

Here's a look at the guest experience in the MiniLuxe booking flow:

Nearby location booking

Business benefit: Revenue retention

By making it easy for customers to book their preferred slot at a different location, you ensure their spending stays with your business – and doesn't end up with a nearby competitor.

Additional benefits

Satisfied guests: Your customers get the time slot they want in a more convenient booking experience. You gain their loyalty.

Less work for your staff: Say goodbye to phone calls from guests seeking alternate slots at other locations if their preferred location is unavailable. Your front desk will thank you.

"Zenoti is perfect for multi-location. If we want to implement a new center, it is very easy for us to do that. The future of Bombshell is bright, and Zenoti will help us grow faster and increase our bottom line."

– Scott Black & Melissa Black, Owners, Bombshell Brazilian Waxing & Beauty Lounge

Feature #3: Integration with Reserve With Google

Make it easy for new customers to book with your business by integrating your booking flow right into Google.  

In the following illustration, each Google search listing for Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa includes a "Schedule" button. Clicking the button takes searchers directly to online booking for that Hand & Stone location.

Integration with reserve with Google

Business benefit: Revenue enhancement

With Reserve with Google integration, search traffic brings paying customers to your business. More bookings from guests who find your business online translate to more revenue for your salon or spa, plus the potential for higher tips for stylists and aestheticians.

Additional benefit

A shorter, faster booking journey: Just one click on search results takes new and even current customers directly to your booking screen. Guests tend to remember and favor brands that offer a frictionless experience.

"Hand & Stone required a technology partner that complemented our uncompromising commitment to state-of-the-art customer experiences and care. Zenoti does exactly that. Guests access our brand with an easy and attractive online booking experience."  

- Cindy Meiskin, Chief Experience Officer, Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa

The revenue-boosting features we've covered so far – automatic upsell suggestions; nearby location booking; and Reserve with Google integration – assume you already offer self-service booking for guests.

Does self-service online booking boost salon and spa revenue?
Three businesses tracked positive results after implementing self-service booking with Zenoti.

Birds Barbershop, a 9-location chain in Austin, Texas, saw their appointment volume go up from a 60% boost in self-service bookings over 12 months.

EverySkin, a UK-based aesthetics clinic with 5 locations, found a 41% lift in guest ticket size over 12 months.

J Sterling's, a Florida-based wellness spa with 5 locations, booked 40% more appointments in six months.

Zenoti helped these businesses solve challenges like those you may be facing: a subpar guest experience, front-desk bottlenecks, and lackluster growth.

Feature #4: Abandoned cart notifications

Customers sometimes get distracted or forget that they started booking an appointment online. Does your software notify them of their "abandoned" carts? Or are those carts haunting symbols of lost revenue?

With Zenoti, an automated reminder – by email or text message – nudges customers who leave bookings unfinished. They click on a link in the reminder to quickly complete their booking.

Happy women doing online shopping at home

Business benefit: Revenue growth

Bring in more bookings without lifting a finger. With automated reminders for abandoned carts, there's nothing you or your staff must do to help prospects complete their bookings.

Additional benefit

Increased guest convenience: Zenoti software "remembers" guests' choices and picks up right where they left off. No need to re-enter their choices – leading to an easier and faster conversion.

"Meeting inevitable growth challenges in today's world means an advanced technological solution capable of simplifying the complex. Zenoti does just that. We know we've found the technology partner we need as we continue to grow."

– Bruce Schultz, CEO, Boardroom Salon for Men

Feature #5: Advance deposit collection

Collect deposits when customers book online to reduce the risk of no-shows and last-minute cancellations. Busy salons safeguard their business with deposits of up to 100% of the service cost, as seen in this booking screen for Zenoti customer Pure Glow.

Advance deposit collection

Business benefit: Revenue protection

The risk of losing a deposit deters guests from no-showing or cancelling too late, keeping business revenue from taking a hit.

Additional benefit

Better staff utilization: Deposits maximize the chance that guests will show up for appointments they book. When you keep your appointment book full, it makes for better use of staff time and higher earnings and tips.

In addition to the five optimizations above, Zenoti offers a host of other features that improve capacity and utilization to boost bottom-line growth for salons and spas.

How Massage Green switched

If replacing your current software seems intimidating, consider the cost of doing nothing and staying with the status quo: a fragmented brand, an inferior guest experience, and lost revenue.

Here’s how Massage Green, a U.S. franchise with more than 100 locations, navigated the switch to Zenoti:

"Any transition of this scale is bound to be a huge task, and the Zenoti team stepped up to ensure it happened across our organization successfully. We transitioned every spa to Zenoti over a span of a few weeks. During this short duration, we migrated years of data, trained staff that is geographically distributed, and the Zenoti team was able to quickly respond to questions as the spas transitioned. With all our spas now on Zenoti, my team has access to the business performance of the company, and we are able to speed up key decisions."

– Lishell Toney, Director of Franchise Operations, Massage Green

Get a free demo

If your business growth is stagnant, think about how your current software may contribute to that lack of movement.  

Infuse new life into your salon or spa and drive greater total collections with these five Zenoti features. Use the list to do a quick audit of your current software or replacement options, then explore how Zenoti can work for your business. We'll get you going with a free demo.

This post is first in a 3-part series on what to look for when switching salon and spa software. Check out parts 2 and 3 below:

Part 2 – The guest experience

Part 3 – Expert implementation, 24x7 support

Gita Mani
Senior Content Specialist
Gita helps brands find the right words for their messaging, with the customer’s best interests informing her approach. Being in nature is her favorite way to relax.
Gita Mani
Senior Content Specialist
Gita helps brands find the right words for their messaging, with the customer’s best interests informing her approach. Being in nature is her favorite way to relax.

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What you should do now

When you're ready, take a look at ways we can help you grow.
See us in action
We'd love to demonstrate what we can do for you, and how you can grow your business with us.
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