Quicker And Easier Group Bookings

Faster Group Bookings You may often have a request come in for a group booking, where a single customer calls in to book appointments for multiple guests. We’ve made it easy for you to quickly book these kinds of appointments. Here’s how it works.

Faster Group Bookings

Group booking enables your front desk to book multiple appointments with different services from one screen. The system automatically creates separate appointments for each guest in the group, with their service and designated therapist. Similar to our regular booking, you can accept customer preferences like for a female or a male therapist or even a specific therapist. Group Booking You can either accept payment upfront during booking or after the appointment.

Check Availability Of Your Therapists

When a customer books a group appointment, they would likely want to have their services performed at the same time. Our availability check for therapists makes it easier to ensure that your receptionist can find a time period that fits the time requirements for the guests in the group. Checking availability helps to ensure that you can meet your customers’ needs for time and therapist preferences.

Capture Information For Each Customer

While booking group appointments, you capture information about each guest in the group. This helps you personalize each guest’s experience and store their history and preferences for future visits. You can also target marketing campaigns to each guest based on their profile. For example, if you have a corporate group booking, where you receive a number of first time visitors, you could follow-up on their visit with a targeted offer that gets them back in.

Individual or Group Payments

After each guest’s appointment, the receptionist can accept individual payments or a single group payment. For example, if two friends receive services, it’s easy to accept payment from each guest or accept a single payment for both appointments. To accept a group payment, you simply need to right click on any guest’s appointment block and select “Take Payment (Group Bill)”. This would launch the POS with the entire group’s invoices clubbed into a single payment. You can easily add additional guest invoices, if for some reason that guest was not booked as part of the group booking. And, you can easily remove specific guests from the group payment as well. Group invoices speed up the billing process, especially when you have more than 2 guests and have to verify each invoice. Group Invoice Aside from group billing, you can also use this feature to combine multiple outstanding invoices from a guest. This saves your receptionist time from having to address multiple invoices. To learn more about group bookings and group invoices, contact support.

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