Optimize ‘always-on’ marketing at salons, spas, med spas, and fitness centers

Optimize ‘always-on’ marketing at salons, spas, med spas, and fitness centers

The first step to getting more customers through the door is crafting the right marketing strategy. And for businesses that rely on close relationships with their customers, like salons, spas, medical spas, and fitness centers, sending text and email messages is particularly effective. The downside is most staff are too busy to send personal messages to each customer. That’s why many businesses take advantage of smart marketing features like ‘always-on’ messaging.

What is ‘always-on’?

'Always-on' is automated marketing where text or email messages are sent to the right customers at the right time without ongoing management. Just set up your messages once, choose which customers will receive them, and the system takes care of the rest. ‘Always-on’ campaigns are personalized, targeted, and run on auto-pilot, enabling you to reach more customers with minimal effort.

Top ways to use ‘always-on’ at your beauty or wellness business

Salon: If your books are slow on a certain day, drum up traffic by messaging customers who haven’t visited in a while. The key is targeting the right customers. If you send a promo to customers who had services 6-8 weeks before a slow day, you are more likely to bring those customers back in. It’s a win-win – customers get their follow-up haircut or color appointment, and you fill the books.

Spas: Spa guests who regularly book the same service present great upsell or
cross-sell opportunities. For example, if a customer books a regular spa pedicure, use an ‘always-on’ text or email campaign to offer an aromatherapy enhancement or a full-body massage add-on. Your loyal customer might even fall in love with the new service, adding it to her routine.

Medical spas: Services at medical spas are a commitment for new customers, so a key marketing strategy is consultation follow-up. For instance, if a customer does not purchase a treatment package after a consultation, automated follow-up messages—including well-timed discounts—can keep your offerings top of mind. Timely, relevant communication goes a long way in converting consultation leads into sales.

Fitness centers: Even the most dedicated members of a fitness center need motivation to stick to their workout routine. Fitness chains can use automated email messaging to send eye-catching newsletters that feature before-and-after photos, advice on how to master their form, or healthy recipes. Take it a step further with regular, motivational text messages that help members stay committed to their goals.

These suggestions are just some of the ways your beauty or wellness business can use text and email messaging to connect with customers and drive more revenue to the business. It’s easy to get started with messaging when you leverage ‘always-on’, since the heavy lifting is done by software. Once you’ve crafted the right messages and directed them at the right segment of customers, the system takes care of the rest.

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