O2 Spa Launches Online Booking and Online Sales With Zenoti


When you’re one of India’s premier spa chains like O2 Spa, you have to provide your customers a great experience, starting from the moment they book an appointment. O2 Spa launched their online booking service to do just that.
ManageMySpa-Spa-Salon-Online Booking Software-Webstore
O2 Spa Launches Webstore
O2 Spa branded their webstore with their own look and feel, to provide customers a seamless experience as they move between their static website pages and the online booking pages.

Personalized and Responsive Online Booking Experience

O2 Spa operates 39 spas with a number in airports across the country. While online booking supports O2 customers, Zenoti’s centralized database ensures that O2 staff can personalize every customer’s experience, regardless of which spa they visit.

About O2 Spa

O2 Spa is India’s largest spa chain with 39 locations, and is quickly expanding in the UAE and USA. O2 Spa offers a mix of spa packages and salon services, designed to help customers relax, refresh and rejuvenate. Centers vary from being located in VIP airline lounges to stand alone luxurious spas.


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