Navigating COVID-19: How Your Spa or Salon Can Help the Community

Navigating COVID-19: How Your Spa or Salon Can Help the Community

As part of the salon, spa, and medspa community, you take pride in making your customers feel good about themselves. You are in the business of boosting confidence and nourishing wellbeing, and the results of your service encourage your customers to find their greatness!

Your business is a valuable force for positivity in your community. But achieving these results requires you to come in close contact with others – a difficult reality to navigate during the present coronavirus outbreak.

Your salon, spa, or medspa’s response to the coronavirus should follow directions issued by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and measures implemented by federal, state, and local authorities. Depending on your location, these measures may differ.

Your business may apply heightened sanitary measures and waive cancellation fees for potentially sick clients, or your business may temporarily close. Whether your business re­mains open or closed, your salon, spa, and medspa can remain a force for positivity to your community. Here's a few ways to do this:

Send “thank you” or “thinking of you” e-cards to your faithful customers.

Letting your best clients know you appreciate them with an e-card is a small – and cost-effective – act of kindness that speaks volumes in stressful times. Enlist your employees in drafting personalized messages for each individual customer.

A personalized touch means more than a generic message and shows you genuinely care about your clients’ wellbeing. A simple e-card may go a long way in creating stronger relationships with your best customers – and helps encourage positivity.

Engage with your followers on social media.

Take the time to regularly update your salon, spa, or medspa’s social media accounts. Posting stress management techniques or personal wellbeing tips may help your followers remain positive.

As your community navigates the coronavirus outbreak, consider taking your social media presence to another level. Interact with your followers with positive, sensitive, and encouraging comments on their social media posts. Respond to comments on your social media posts with genuine positivity – your followers will love you for it!

Communicate and encourage health guidelines

If your salon, spa, or medspa remains open, take the opportunity to communicate health information to your customers. Contact your clients before their appointment, asking them to reschedule their appointment if they are feeling unwell. You may choose to add this reminder to your automated SMS appointment reminder message.

Provide your clients with access to hand sanitizer or a sink to wash their hands before and after they leave their appointment. Finally, set high sanitary expectations for your employees. This goes beyond requiring employees to disinfect their hands and work surfaces regularly.

Consider developing reassuring, unified answers to predictable frequently asked questions. For instance, make sure your employees communicate safety standards effectively by providing them a thorough outline of heightened sanitary measures at your salon, spa, or medspa.

Encourage hope, not fear

Your community, your business, your employees, your clients – everyone is facing unknown circumstances during the coronavirus outbreak. Unknown circumstances bring about anxiety, fear, and restlessness. Strengthen your business’ relationship with your community by encouraging positivity.

As a salon, spa, or medspa, you are in a unique position to promote positivity by making others feel better – it’s in your business’ DNA.

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