June Product Update: What's New in Your Zenoti Software

june product update

The June product update includes changes to geofencing capabilities, custom forms, webstore and more.

Zenoti Mobile

Geofence Enhancements

New Organization Settings to Restrict Access Outside Geofence We have introduced two new organization-level settings (Admin > Organization > Organizations > Settings > Zenoti Mobile> Access outside geofence) that control what your employees access outside the geofence.

  • Block access to application outside of geofence: If this organization setting is enabled, employees won't have access to any functionality of the Zenoti Mobile app outside the geofence.
  • Block access to only guest data outside geofence: If this organization setting is enabled, employees outside the geofence, can only see appointment details and invoices, but won't have access to the guest details or be able to check-in.

Role Permissions to Access Data Outside the Geofence AreaEmployees with Can access all data outside geofence region on Zenoti Mobile permission can access all data outside the geofence irrespective of the above access restriction settings.Note: This permission is enabled by default for owners and managers.

View Custom Forms in Zenoti Mobile

Providers can now access custom HTML forms and annotations via Zenoti Mobile.

Zenoti Webstore

Easily See Next Availability of a Provider in the Webstore

Previously, when a guest tried to book an appointment using the webstore, a requested provider’s availability would show only for a specific date. The guest would have to change the date in the calendar, one day at a time, to search for that provider’s next available date and time.Now, if a provider does not have any same-day availability, the webstore will show their next availability for the rest of the month. This speeds up the booking process.To learn more, read the help article.

To learn more about the June product update, including the minor enhancements, read the support article.

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