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On January 29th, you'll see new features in your account. Read on to see what's changed.



Tags are used to group guests, services, products, employees, packages or memberships based on some criteria. For example, you could create and then tag appropriate guests “Elite”. You can then pull all guests with this tag when creating a target segment.Creating and using tags are a three step process.

  1. In the Admin screen (in the organization view), define a tag.
  2. Assign a guest, service, product, employee, package or membership to the tag from the profile pages.
  3. Put tagged profiles to use in one of the following ways.
  • Guest tags are used to create a custom target segment.
  • Employee tags are used to filter employee names that appear on the appointment book.
  • Filter sales reports by tags on services, products, packages, or memberships

New Email & Text Message (SMS) Notifications

Optionally activate and update the default text for three new notifications from the Admin > Organization > Email/Text tab.

  • Happy Anniversary – Activate this notification to send an email or text (SMS) to your   guest on their anniversary. This notification will trigger only if an anniversary date (in   the “Anniversary” field) is indicated in the guest profile.
  • Membership Terms & Conditions – This notification enables you to go digital with your membership terms and conditions. Once activated, the system will send the notification on payment of a membership. You should include your terms and conditions in the notification, along with a hyperlink that your customer must click to accept your terms & conditions.

The system will then automatically update the guest’s profile as having accepted the terms and conditions. If the customer doesn't accept the terms & conditions, membership redemption is not stopped. But, you can choose to activate an alert, which emails or texts you all pending acceptances for follow-up at the end of the day. To activate this alert up go to Admin > Organizations > Alerts. Edit the alert, “Guests who did not accept membership terms and conditions”, and define the recipients for this alert. You can resend the terms and conditions notification to the guest directly from the guest profile.

To set this notification up:

  1. Activate the “Membership Terms” notification from the Admin > Organization > Email/Text tab.
  2. Ensure you update each membership profile with the terms and conditions that should display in the notification and the thank you or success message that appears after the customer accepts the terms and conditions. Make these updates in the “Terms & Conditions field” and “Terms & Conditions Acceptance Message” field in each membership profile. To do this, go to Marketing > Membership > Click on a Specific Membership and make the updates in the General tab.
  • Appointment Confirmation - Online Booking - Activate this notification to send a   confirmation email or text message to customers when they book an appointment online. To do this use the Admin > Organization > Email/Text tab and turn on the “Appointment Confirmation - Online Booking” email.

By default, appointment confirmation notifications are sent to guests that have booked an appointment at least 90 minutes before the appointment time. If you would like the appointment confirmation to be sent to all guests, regardless of when they booked the appointment, change this setting to "0 minutes", or similarly you can extend the number of minutes as well. To update this setting, go to Admin > Organization > Settings > Appointment Book and find the setting “Send Appointment Confirmation”.

Tracking Customer Receipts

To make book-keeping easier, you can optionally have the system send a copy of every receipt to an email address that you specify. The email is sent as soon as any invoice is closed. To set this up, ensure you’re the Organization view and go to Admin >Centers>Center Name >Settings >Invoice /Receipts. To activate the email, simply enter the appropriate email id in the “Send Receipt” field.

Appointment Book & POS

We’ve included new features in the appointment book to assist in general management, as follows.

Assign and Quickly View Therapist Request Preference

This new feature allows you to record whether a customer requested a specific therapist, any female therapist or any male therapist, when booking an appointment. The appointment book will show a colored bar on the appointment block, to indicate the therapist request type. This visual indicator should be used by the front desk in case they want to re-assign a new therapist. This feature does not lock the appointment. You still have the 'lock appointment' feature if you want to restrict the front desk from moving the appointment to a different therapist. The appointment block will indicate the preference with a colored bar that appears on the right side of the block.

Therapist preferences

Color Code Update

Color coding on your appointment blocks for a checked in guest, has changed from orange to yellow.

View Appointments As Read Only

You can now display the appointment book while restricting any interaction or changes to the schedule. This is useful if you have monitors placed in your spa or salon that display the day's schedule. The screen automatically refreshes every 100 seconds. To use this view only appointment book feature, create a new employee profile and assign the role “Monitor”. You can then log into Zenoti with that employee profile.

Quickly Capture Email Addresses

Quickly capture new customer email addresses directly from the appointment book or POS screen. The email address field appears in the appointment booking panel only when creating a new appointment.

Customer email address

Void Invoices

You now have the option to void an invoice, which deletes this invoice from sales, accounting, revenue, and collections reports. To do this, right click in your appointment book and select “Today’s Sales”.  You will see a link called “Void” which now shows next to services that have already been paid for, in addition to packages and memberships.


Calculate Payroll Based On An Hourly Wage

You can now enter an hourly wage for employees in the employee profile. To do this, go to the Employee dashboard. Click on the Employees link. Edit an existing employee by clicking on their name. In the general tab, update the “Hourly Rate” field.

Specify Maximum Work Hours

A new field “Max Work Hours” allows you to specify the maximum number of hours the employee can work. When an employee schedule is created or copied, the system will alert you if an employee's maximum work hours is exceeded. To update the maximum work hours for an employee, ensure you are in a Center view. Go to the Employee dashboard, click on the Employees link. Edit an existing employee by clicking on their name. In the general tab, update the “Max Work Hours” field.


Provide Refunds On Services

You can now refund payments for a service. This is in addition to the existing ability to provide refunds on products and memberships. To use this feature, you should first activate the setting. To do this, ensure you are in the “organization” view. Go to Admin > Manage Organization > Settings > Appointment Book and select “Allow refunds on services”. To refund payment, open the guest’s profile and click on the Appointments tab. You will see a link “Refunds”, which refunds the service amount in the form of a prepaid card.

Automate Issue Creation

Our issue management system allows you to create and track all issues reported either by customers or internal staff. Two new features include the ability to automatically create an issue if:

  1. A customer submits a low rating on their feedback form. You specify what rating triggers the issue creation. This enables management to quickly follow-up on all disgruntled customers.
  2. A customer submits a comment in their feedback form. This allows managers to monitor feedback that is coming in and track action.

To enable these features, ensure you are in the “Org” view and go to Admin > Organization > Settings> Automate Issue Creation. Enter a minimum feedback rating for the “Create an issue if any rating is below” setting. And, select the checkbox for “Create an issue if a comment is submitted” to activate this setting.

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