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The COVID-19 pandemic created heightened expectations for cleanliness among consumers -- that's a challenge every business must tackle with new solutions. Given the nature of close service interactions in the beauty and wellness industry, this means achieving even higher health and safety standards. Most salons and spas already maintain high standards of cleanliness for their customers. However, new realities require salons and spas go the extra mile. 

Here's how three salons use Zenoti's advanced technology to meet new expectations and reduce guests' post-COVID anxieties:

1. Mario Tricoci's touchless check-in and check-out experiences 

Located in Chicago, Mario Tricoci is a leader in professional cut, color, skincare, and spa services. Mario Tricoci's partnership with Zenoti empowers the respected brand to provide touchless check-in experiences, perfect for meeting new post-COVID expectations. During the check-in and check-out process, Mario Tricoci offers customers the ability to interact with their brand through personal mobile devices via a branded mobile app powered by Zenoti. Touchless technology solutions empower Mario Tricoci customers to follow COVID-19 health and safety guidelines, including social distancing recommendations.

With the new branded mobile app, Mario Tricoci customers can instantly check-in on arrival. This happens with advanced geo-fencing technology. The touchless feature means customers maintain social distancing by avoiding unnecessary contact with front desk staff and other guests waiting in the salon's lounge. The mobile app also allows customers to breeze through check-out with the option to pay, tip, review, and rebook from their trusted mobile phones. The convenient payment option eliminates the need to wait in front-desk lines or contact frequently touched objects like point-of-sale equipment.

Mario Tricoci's commitment to improving their already high health and safety standards brings unprecedented peace-of-mind to their employees and customers.

2. Gene Juarez's enhanced service and touchless check-outs

Gene Juarez Salons & Spas offers high-end, awarding-winning salon and spa services across 10 locations in Western Washington. By partnering with Zenoti, Gene Juarez offers customers new digital experiences that expand safety post-COVID -- including during actual treatments. Using a Zenoti-powered employee-facing mobile app, service providers can revise customer invoices to include add-on services or products. Empowering employees to use their mobile devices eliminates shared or common devices, meaning safer experiences for employees and guests. While chair-side upgrades and add-ons reduce the likelihood of customers changing their minds at the last minute, the feature also helps customers save time and avoid unnecessary additional interactions with front-desk staff. It's social distancing, done right!

From the Zenoti-power customer-facing mobile app, Gene Juarez customers can pay and tip providers from their trusted mobile devices rather than wait in front-desk lines to adjust invoices and pay. Their service provider receives an instant payment notification confirmation. The unprecedented convenience of Gene Juarez's Uber-like digital experience allows customers to breeze through check-out without contacting frequently touched POS equipment or worrying about maintaining social distancing at the front-desk. 

Gene Juarez sets customers at ease with touchless experiences, perfect for the post-COVID world from start to finish. 

3. PROSE's social distancing solutions via SMS messaging

PROSE, a national nail salon brand, continues to build customer trust despite post-COVID difficulties. PROSE maintains social distancing measures whenever possible and reduces contact with frequently touched objects -- and customers are noticing. By partnering with Zenoti, PROSE adopted a strategy that would allow customers to use SMS text messaging to communicate with their brand.

Guests enjoy the unprecedented convenience of communicating instantly via text messaging. Zenoti Connect allows PROSE to message customers through a shared and secure platform. PROSE managers can access all communications, message appointments or respond to questions instantly. And, essential for a post-COVID world, PROSE's convenient means of communication offers a convenient way to social distance.

Customers arriving for their appointment send a simple message notifying PROSE employees. Employees send a message confirming check-in and invite customers to wait in their vehicles or outside until their service provider is ready to see them. When service providers are all set-up, customers receive a message inviting them to come in. It's a convenient communication method that customers understand and appreciate -- social distancing without the hassle. 

Zenoti helps leading brands across the world to enhance the guest experience with touchless technology. Discover more here. 


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