Healing from COVID-19: How to Harness Artificial Intelligence to Future-Proof Your Business

Healing from COVID-19: How to Harness Artificial Intelligence to Future-Proof Your Business

With spas and salons around the world impacted by ongoing COVID-19 shutdowns and restrictions, embracing artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that optimize scheduling and maximize productivity has never been more important. Plus, failing to do so could see you get left behind by competitors.  

A 2020 Mckinsey survey found that an increasing number of businesses are using AI as a value generating tool and intend to invest more in the technology to recover from the pandemic, which undoubtedly has accelerated the adoption of digital solutions the world over. Additionally, several respondents also attributed at least 20% of their pre-tax earnings to AI.

So, what exactly are the main benefits of artificial intelligence? For spas and salons, AI can help in the following ways:  

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Infographic

Discover how to utilize touchless technology to empower your customers to return.

Our robust artificial intelligence and automation tools, such as SmartShifts, Smart Marketing, and ezPulse, are created to future-proof your business by increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and improving guest experiences.  


Smartshifts is a seamless artificial intelligence solution designed to find the sweet spot in your staffing needs and take the guesswork out of scheduling appointments for your salon or spa. This saves you money on labor and operational costs while accommodating customer service requests and increasing revenue.  


Using predictive analytics, it analyzes services and customer preferences, identifies the right providers and time slots, and anticipates traffic. All to generate you the optimum schedule.

Smart Marketing  

Smart Marketing fills up your appointment book by automating email marketing efforts. This avoids lost-revenue opportunities from empty appointment slots and helps bring back customers who haven’t visited in a while.  


The platform uses deep-dive analytics to split customers into target segments based on appointment history. It assesses your schedule and sends out personalized campaigns based on service and employee utilization. These campaigns contain the right offers and promotions that will encourage your customers to pick up the phone and make their next booking.  


In today’s hyper-connected world, accessing real-time information is the key to making quick decisions. ezPulse enables you to keep your finger on the pulse of your business – anytime, anywhere. It provides everything you need to see the big picture, set goals, make data-driven decisions, and motivate your employees to achieve better results.


The app empowers salon or spa owners and managers to track performance on the go with information on key metrics. You can keep track of downward trends and resolve issues before they spiral out of control while also staying in touch with your team, monitoring progress, recognizing small wins, escalating issues, and sharing performance metrics.

Future-Proof Your Business Today

Harnessing artificial intelligence is more than just an investment in AI tools and technological innovations because others are doing the same. If you want your beauty and wellness business to stay ahead of competitors and avoid leaving money on the table, then the time to embrace AI is NOW.  

Use Zenoti AI tools to heal from COVID-19, operate at a greater capacity, keep customers happy and increase ROI.  

Would you like to implement artificial intelligence solutions into your business? Zenoti can help.

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