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Zenoti Dashboards

You need the right information, exactly when you need it, and without much effort. That’s why we’ve built the Zenoti Dashboards - a new reporting infrastructure that puts your data front and center.For example ...If you run a recurring membership business, you can see the health of your recurring payments and what action is required for the day from a quick look at the dashboard.

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Zenoti Dashboards Are Exciting Because ...

  1. You choose the metrics that matter to you.
  2. You don’t have to hunt for data across multiple reports. You’ll save hours!
  3. With over 30 metrics available today and 100 more coming soon, you’ll get a 360° view into everything that matters in your business.
  4. Many metrics will also track performance against monthly targets.
 Zenoti Dashboard with Metrics

If you are a Zenoti client and want to activate dashboards, check out this support article on Dashboards.If you’re not a Zenoti client - contact us for a demo!

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