Feature Updates in Zenoti – June 2012

Appointment book:Recurring AppointmentsHave a situation where a service needs to be booked multiple times across weeks or months for a guest? Such as series packages with multiple sittings or a facial service which needs to be repeated every month? Zenoti (formerly ManageMySpa) now provides you the capability to create recurring appointments with ease. Simply choose the dates from the calendar. Once created, the recurring appointments are considered as individual appointments which can be customized, such as assigning it to a therapist, room, and so onLoyalty:New Guest ReportsTwo new reports are added in Loyalty Guest reports: ‘Average Sales by Guest’ report and ‘Average Sales by Gender’ report. The reports show the total sale (including all items, such as service, package, membership, products, and gift card) by guests in a selected time period.Guest reports are also grouped based on sales and revenue reports, retention reports, and new guest reports.Employee:Customize Your AccountNeed to inform your manager to update your email or mobile number, as you do not have access to Employee module? Now, anyone can customize things, such as your email, mobile phone, password, and center preference upon login. The center preference is applicable if you have a multi-center setup and have a role in multiple centers and wish to define a ‘default’ center for your login.Inventory:Handling Returns Handling Returns from CustomersGuest wants to return a product? Now, handle product returns with ease. Simply open the previous invoice where you sold the product and click the Return link. A new invoice will be created in cases of product returns with negative value. You can choose the form of price return – whether cash or a prepaid card. Inventory and End of Day closing, in case of a cash return, honours product returns.Handling Returns to VendorsGot a faulty consignment and want to return a product or the whole consignment to the vendor? Now, your head office or whole sale center can return goods to vendors. Simply, create a purchase order to the vendor with negative value for quantity and go through the same process of creating, raising, and delivering the purchase order.Review all returns such as customer returns, vendor returns, and all other returns through a ‘Product Returns’ report in Inventory module.Employee:Extend Coupon ValidityCustom coupons are usually printed on a guest’s receipt with an expiration date, normally one month from the current date. Now, you can extend validity of a custom coupon from the View History page by clicking on the Expiration column. Your front office can now easily extend expiration date of a custom coupon, if required.Administration:New Accounting Reportsn addition to a consolidated revenue report, now know instantly about sales across centers for all items such as services, products, membership, package, and gift card sale using the ‘Consolidated Organization Sales’ report.In Petty Cash report, review the ‘Daily Petty Cash Details’ report to look at petty cash details per transaction, such as entered date, voucher number, type of expense, opening balance, amount, and closing balance

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