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Appointment Book & POS

Further customize the appointment book with new features:

  • Define time intervals for appointments - i.e. a 5 minute interval would allow you to book appointments at 9:00, 9:05, 9:10, 9:15 etc…
  • Zoom allows you to zoom into specific areas of the scheduler, which is useful if you are using small time intervals
  • Enable both the guest and service name to display on the appointment block
  • You can now more easily edit appointment notes
  • Flag guests with active packages
  • Show eligible amount for commission
  • Easily redeem services from a membership
  • A new icon indicates if the customer has an active package. This feature is especially useful for medical spas.

Updates to the POS include:

  • You now have the option to email receipts – a great way to help you go paperless. Please first, define your receipt header and footer (HTML) – where you can insert your logo, contact information, a marketing message and even links to your customer mobile app and webstore
  • You can now define and select custom payment types in the POS. Examples of custom payment types include travel agents or corporate accounts. Reports enable you to track invoices against that custom payment type for follow-up on payment.
  • Optionally print package balance with benefits on the customer’s receipt


  • The system will now hide unused service categories & sub-categories
  • The system will force a password reset every 3 months for increased security
  • New with Reports
  • A new package redemption report
  • Service and product filters are now available in sales reports
  • Filter by guest in the custom data reports
  • We now break-down tax & card types in collection reports
  • We now break-down gift card and pre-paid card redemption revenue in the organization revenue reports
  • Add Luxury Tax in Center settings and expose it in Receipt and report export" to the Administration

Multi-Center Administration

We've added capabilities to further support managing multi-center chains. Tighter controls that map views and user roles offer higher security along with top-down management features. For example:

  • Service prices and taxes are defined for the entire organization. Managers are permitted to update these values for only their own centers.
  • Data, like campaign reports can now be filtered for a specific zone or center.
  • Search for employees across the entire org or centers in a zone, based on the user role permission
  • View organization inventory value and consumption
  • Review all purchase orders in the organization
  • View financial metrics at organization, zone and center

If you are a single center, you will not notice any changes to your system. If you are a multi-center chain, you will need to change your view (previously the center selection drop-down list) and select either the Organization view, Zone view or the appropriate Center view to make updates. Things you could do before, that you can’t do now:

  • Creating services, products, memberships, packages, jobs, etc.. now requires Org level permissions
  • Can not edit prices beyond your own center, unless in the Org view

Things you can do now

  • Search for guest and employees across centers (within your permission level)
  • View PO’s across centers (within your permission level)
  • View sales opportunities across centers (within your permission level)


Updates to memberships include:

  • You can now collect partial payments for memberships. If you allow for partial payments:
  • Redemptions of credits are limited to the amount paid
  • Outstanding balance reports show the amount due
  • Specify service frequency by weeks, monthly, quarterly, and half yearly. This allows you to limit the frequency between a service redemption. For example, a laser hair clinic can specify that 30 days must pass before a hair removal service can be booked again.

New reports include:

  • Membership redemption report
  • Membership free services report


A number of updates to the inventory capabilities improve your inventory management experience. Updates include:

  • Complete support for partial delivery of products
  • Mark products as inactive to remove those unused products from screens
  • Edit reconciled audit quantities (with security permissions to fix audit mistakes)
  • Show product returns in consumption reports
  • Sort table columns by name, code, category for faster audit entry
  • Nightly alert for services where product consumption was not entered in the appointment book
  • View both PO and product notes in the PO master list
  • Disable ability to convert products
  • Disable ability to transfer products
  • Export products supplied by a vendor to Excel


Set up automated emails and SMS

UI improvements, default templates and a few new options round out our automated notifications sent via email and SMS. Updates include:

  • Email and text message settings have been moved from the Organization >Settings tab to a new tab called “Email/Texts”. The master view enables you to quickly turn notifications on or off.
  • New macros allow you to further personalize each message.
  • A new notification to alert customers and managers when a package has (or is about to) expire
  • You can now specify a subject line specific to each notification.
  • Create html templates for each email notification.
  • Cc: emails and forward SMS’s to individual employees or all users in a role. This is used, for example, to:
  • SMS therapist when guest books appointment
  • SMS therapist when appointment time changed
  • Email manager when package expires

If you are an existing customer, your text messages will still display as earlier and settings (active or inactive) will remain the same. We advise that you:

  • Specify a subject line for any active emails. We have provided default subject lines in the event you do not update these
  • Create html versions of your emails
  • Include the mobile app and website download link (which is now a macro) in every email if you use the customer mobile app or webstore. This will help you promote these two services.
  • Define your receipt footer and header (as you can now email receipts from the POS)
  • Consider copying therapists on emails and SMS’s regarding appointment bookings and copying managers on package expirations

Access this feature from the Admin screen. Click on the Organizations link and then the Email/Text tab.

Track Email Status

New graphical and tabular reports allows you more easily track the status on email campaigns. Reports are available for individual campaigns as well as for a collated report on all email campaigns.


You can now discount a day and series package by specifying a percentage or flat value. You should use this feature cautiously as packages by nature typically are already discounted. You can now also define a discount on a service by specifying a flat value or percentage amount.


Updates to coupons now include:

  • Limit the printing of coupons to specific days
  • Disable coupon printing on invoices that already have a discount. For example, if the invoice awarded a membership discount, the coupon will not print for this customer
  • Use OR/AND rules in the discount > pre-requisites tab. For example:
  • If the customer got a hair cut and facial, then print a coupon
  • If a customer got a hair cut or a facial, then print a coupon


You can define a custom payment frequency and payroll period. For example, specify a semi-monthly payroll period with payroll starting on the 1st and 15th of the month. Similarly, you can define any payment period


Employee App

Our employee mobile app has now launched with a number of new and improved features. Including:

  • Dashboards
  • Track progress on sales, revenue and operational metrics
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • View appointments on any day
  • Call guests directly from the app through a single click
  • View guest history
  • Check in guests
  • Get feedback from guests
  • Report issues to the center
  • View graphical reports on sales revenue, commissions and performance metrics


Our webstore is constantly improving based on customer feedback. Updates include:

  • Sell memberships, packages and gift cards directly from the webstore. All transactions are tightly integrated with your Zenoti account, so all purchases and balances are automatically updated
  • Let customers promote your services, memberships, packages, and deals with the Facebook, Twitter, Google+ share buttons
  • E-Commerce payment integration

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