Appointment Requests Or Online Bookings. Which One Makes Sense For Your Business?

Online bookings

If you use Zenoti's (formerly ManageMySpa) webstore, you can choose to either accept appointment requests from customers online, or allow customers to book an appointment directly from your website.If you allow customers to directly book their appointment, you essentially allow the customer to do all the work for you! The customer browses your services menu, can select her desired therapist and the system will offer available time slots for that therapist.You can even enforce that the customer pays upfront for their appointment (which significantly decreases no-show and cancellations). Zenoti will automatically send the customer an appointment confirmation via SMS or email. And, your appointment book automatically updates with this customer’s appointment.If you want to maintain control over your appointment book, you might want to restrict customers to simply requesting an appointment. In this scenario, the customer can browse you service menu, indicate any preferences like a specific therapist. Rather than the software updating your salon’s appointment book, you or the front desk receives an alert that an appointment request has come in. You would then either confirm or deny the appointment. Either way, the software will send a SMS to notify the customer if their appointment request was accepted or denied.

The Customer’s Experience.

online booking

Not online yet? You should be.

Online booking lets customers book their appointments at their convenience. They no longer have to call in during your center’s hours. And, your front desk can attend to customers at your salon rather than answering phone calls. The added benefit, if you enforce upfront payment, you’ll speed up the check-out process and it’s a great way to stop no-shows and cancellations.To learn more about enabling online booking for your spa, salon or medical spa, request a demo.

Online bookings

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