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Beauty and wellness customers in the U.S. are selective: A Zenoti 2023 consumer survey found that 87% percent will skip over any salon, spa, or barbershop with an online rating lower than 4 out of 5. And 42.6% are even pickier: they'll only consider businesses with a rating of 4.5 or 5.  

Online reviews have become the gold standard for potential customers trusting the quality and experience of just about any business – reviews are word-of-mouth at internet speed. With 67% of salon, spa, and barbershop customers saying excellent results define a great experience, online reviews are often the only way they can predict that's what they'll get.

Here's another reason to secure a high average rating: When consumers use the word "best" in search – such as "best salon near me" or "best spa in Rockwall," Google only displays businesses with an average of four or more stars, ensuring best-in-category salons and spas are featured in results.  

If your salon or spa has a low average star rating – or, even worse, few or no reviews – you're missing out on local business. Don't worry – this blog post will get you on track with 3 questions to gauge your current approach and resources to boost your online reputation.

Question 1: Are you regularly collecting guest feedback?

If your customers already walk out your doors happy with their service, you're halfway to receiving a great review. You just have to ask for their feedback. That's the first step in collecting reviews that would boost your overall rating.  

You should also look at reviews as a tool for business improvement. You can learn from customers where your business may be stumbling, and then address or remedy those issues.  

How to collect customer feedback and earn more reviews
A system like Zenoti software simply automates feedback requests for you: Salon and spa guests receive a notification after checkout, asking to rate their experience while it's still fresh – with just a few taps on their phone. They can then share their review on Google, Yelp, and Facebook just as easily, helping you collect online reviews without staff intervention.

We are using SMS feedback collection to send a quick message asking for feedback immediately after each appointment. If the guest has an issue, we can resolve it quickly before they post online. If they love us, we ask for them to leave a review. Our Google Reviews have gone from 200+ to 550+ in only 6 months.
– Jeff Krueger, Owner, Trios Salon

Question 2: Are you monitoring guest feedback?

A quick "thanks for your feedback" is highly recommended. For positive feedback, let the customer know you'll pass it on to staff named in the review, and warmly invite the reviewer back for their next service.

Responding to the occasional negative review is critical. A lack of response not only ignores an unhappy customer, but it shows others reading online that you don't pay attention to your clientele – that you don't care. Posting a response to a negative review is your opportunity to handle grievances with grace – and prevent guest churn and revenue loss with a simple apology, explanation, or offer to make it right.

How to easily monitor guest feedback
Again, review monitoring can be inconsistent and time-consuming without the right technology. Stay on top of guest sentiment with Zenoti Feedback and Reviews. The tool automatically notifies your staff of poor ratings, so they can promptly respond and incentivize unhappy customers to come back.

You can also bring all your customer reviews – from more than 200 sites including Google, Yelp, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Better Business Bureau, and more – into one place. Here's how: Let a reputation management platform like ezRepute do it for you.  

Designed to work seamlessly with Zenoti, ezRepute offers one-stop management of online reviews across multiple review sites. You'll save time managing guest feedback, with the added option of delving into reputation analytics for your business.

Reviews are critical to the business, and sentiment matters most to consumers. By using the SMS platform within Zenoti, we've been able to automate that. Now, rather than our staff having to text every single person when they walk out, it's automatic, it's timely, and it's done in a way that is authentic. The response from our customers has been exponential.
– Michael-David Reilly, Director of Marketing, Tune Up; The Manly Salon

Question 3: Are your service providers happy?

Your service providers greatly influence guests' perception of your salon or spa. When stylists, aestheticians and other providers are satisfied, it shows in their work and their attitude. That leads to delighted guests and glowing reviews for your business.

Along with providing competitive compensation and a dynamic culture and work environment, consider your relationship with your service providers. Assure them it's less transactional (you do hair, I employ you) and more aspirational (I care about you). This isn't as fluffy as it sounds.

From there, focus on helping providers work better and earn more. Not only will they impart their energy and care to customers, but they'll also be far less likely to leave your place of business.

How to empower service providers
Let technology manage the small details that make a difference – take the help of tools like MyZen, the Zenoti mobile app designed just for service providers, giving them transparency into their work.

Give providers control of their day. Using a provider-focused app like MyZen, stylists, aestheticians, and other providers can begin by clocking in and seeing their appointments. They also see a running tally of metrics like number of guests scheduled for the day, which guests requested them by name, and how many are new (all visible in MyZen). They can also track their tips and commissions, and clock out right from the app, streamlining their end-of-day process.

Help providers earn more. Selling add-ons chairside or from the treatment room is key to a healthy commission. With an app like MyZen, it's a breeze – providers have access to automated recommendations for each visit. If a guest is in for a cut-and-color, for example, a gloss treatment may be recommended – and would boost the ticket size. The app suggests the right add-ons for each service, making it easy for providers to offer suggestions and earn more in tips.

Give providers insight into their earnings. Using the app, they can track their income (including tips and commissions). With MyZen in particular, tip payouts occur in two business days, much faster than payouts tied to payroll cycles.


As data confirms, salons, spas, and barbershop customers refer to online ratings to choose where they'll go for beauty and wellness care. If you're struggling to build or maintain your online reputation, here's a summary of how to turn things around.

  1. Automate the collection of guest feedback with consideration of Zenoti software for salon and spa management.
  1. Consolidate and leverage feedback with a tool like  ezRepute, a reputation management platform that dovetails with Zenoti.
  1. Empower service providers with tools like the MyZen mobile app from Zenoti. Satisfied providers mean happier customers and better reviews for your business.

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