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Grow and manage your leads in one place, increase appointments with less work, and never miss another opportunity. That’s the power of Zenoti Sales.
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All-in-one lead tracking

From inquiry to appointment, manage your leads in one central location. Maintain detailed and up-to-date records for each opportunity, so you can tailor your approach and win more sales.

Keep leads hot with timely follow-up

Stay on top of opportunities and know when the next follow-up should occur, with a call schedule that recommends the best time to reach out to your leads and ensures you never miss a sale.

Put your sales on autopilot

With Zenoti, it’s easy to automate your sales operations and streamline your processes:

  • Notify the sales owner when an opportunity is assigned.
  • Create leads in the sales module and assign to reps as per your rules.
  • Send emails and texts to engage leads at any stage in the funnel.

Manage the lead funnel in a single screen

Track opportunities from one central page and say goodbye to using multiple different systems. This not only saves you valuable time but prevents leads from getting lost along the journey.

Streamline the sales flow

  • Simplify lead management with one guest profile that tracks the journey from prospect to results.
  • Ensure staff have all the information they need in one central location.
  • Reach out at the best time possible with pre-assigned or staff-defined follow-up dates based on lead feedback.
  • Personalize your sales calls with lead profile notes and custom fields that track the info your reps need to make a sale.
  • Provide your team with fingertip access to information that drives productive conversations.

A centralized lead management system with everything you need to convert, all in one place.

Access one integrated system and profile and seamlessly manage your end-to-end lead to customer journey.

Arm reps with information

Provide your team with fingertip access to information that drives productive conversations with relevant context.

Ensure consistency

Streamline lead distribution by reassigning leads if a sales rep is ill, goes on holiday, or leaves your company.

Automate marketing

Easily design personalized campaigns to ensure better prospect engagement with automatic marketing.

Drive call center action

Empower your call center to add notes into the prospect profile, so it’s easy to track preferences and preferred call times.

Power real-time reporting

Monitor your sales reps’ performance and your funnel for increased sales wins.

Monitor KPIs

Track key business benchmarks, including number of leads, sales, conversions, and more.
One of the first things that made us choose Zenoti was their client relationship management system. It helps us keep in contact with our clients. If we are having a slow week, it will realize that we are having a slow week and will send out emails and text messages to our clients automatically
Brendon Mann, Owner and Founder
Brendon Mann
Owner and Founder, Epic Hair Designs
"With Zenoti we’ve been able to streamline core processes, which has been invaluable. Lead management helps us handle large volumes of inquiries, turning them into consultations and clients."
Jennifer Seroogy Cutillo, Director of Operations
Jennifer Seroogy Cutillo, Director of Operations
BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Centers
"Zenoti’s centralized data solutions and powerful analytics tools will empower CorePower Yoga with access to data analytics, enabling them to make data-driven business decisions. Zenoti also brings together all the sales lead management tools under one umbrella to track and measure membership conversions, effectiveness of lead sources, and more across all outlets."
Courtney Gruber, Chief Operating Officer
Courtney Gruber
Chief Operating Officer, CorePower Yoga

How do top beauty and wellness businesses grow retail sales?

Explore marketing and operational strategies that work.

Learn how Berkowits Hair & Skin Clinic increases new clients by 20%

Our results speak for themselves

Profile by Sanford increased membership sales by 34%.
Liquivida Lounge increased membership sales by 33%
Trifecta Med Spa recovered 260 patients and increased revenue by 30%.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zenoti sale platform?

Zenoti sales platform is a one-stop solution to lead your sales. Acting as a backbone of your sales, this platform functions as a Customer Relation Management module and puts all the cogs, required to convert leads and inquiries into sales in one place. In other words, it takes the leg work out of the sales and puts it on autopilot. From listing all the leads in one central tracking page to engaging them with emails and texts until conversion, assigning the leads to representatives, and notifying them upon conversion, the Zenoti sales platform does it all for your business. The platform simplifies the management from prospect to results and ensures that all the data is available at the fingertips and in just a few clicks.

How to automate sales operations with Zenoti?

Zenoti salon and spa management software comes with a highly intuitive sales management module. The centralized Zenoti sales platform allows you to automate almost all processes that are required to execute a sales plan. From creating potential lead opportunities based on guest profiles, and activity to running personalized marketing campaigns, the Zenoti sales platform does it all. With one-click conversion of leads into sales and performance monitoring system for each and every sales representative, the system automates all the backend activity to ensure that the sales process is a highly efficient one. Perhaps, one of the key highlights of the system is that it ensures consistency in how the business interacts with the guests.

How can Zenoti help streamline sales flow?

Zenoti sales platform streamlines your sales process flow by putting all the sales activity into a logical sequence of events. It helps keep your sales pipeline highly organized by ranking and qualifying your leads, ensuring automated engagement and follow ups, until conversion, with the leads, until conversion, auto assigning sales leads to representatives based on skill levels, or as a replacement to any sales representative being on leave, monitoring KPI based performance of the representatives, and personalizing the calls made to guests by ensuring that all the guest information is available in one window to the representative and information, which are crucial to have a productive and engaging conversations.

How to track conversion in Zenoti sales?

Zenoti sales is your single point source of managing guests from inquiry to the appointment, after which the providers take over the guests. Zenoti sales platform allows you to track interaction with all leads and their progress in the chain of events through a single click. The platform comes with a state of art dashboard, which allows you to say goodbye to multiple tracking systems and saves valuable time. One of the primary advantages is that it prevents the leads from getting lost in the sequence of events. With one-touch tracking, Zenoti sales ensure that you can revisit the records for each and every opportunity to gain insights on tailoring your approach such that not only do sales numbers increase but also reduce the lead to opportunity conversion time.

Dominic Blake, Blushes Hair & Beauty
Dominic Blake
Managing Director, Blushes Hair & Beauty
Isabel Steward, Douglas J Companies
Isabel Steward
Director of Guest Service, Douglas J Companies
Brendon Mann, Epic Hair Designs
Brendon Mann
Director, Epic Hair Designs

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