Wow guests with a better waitlist experience

Boost satisfaction and operational efficiency with real-time queue position alerts that ensure customers arrive for their appointment on time.

Minimize crowds

Free up your waiting room and give customers the freedom to wait wherever they want. Next-in-line SMS notifications increase guest convenience by telling them exactly when to come in.

Create a consistent experience

Integrate walk-in appointments with digital and phone bookings to deliver a seamless experience at every touchpoint and center. Including easy check-in and fewer unnecessary interactions.

Access actionable insights

Artificial intelligence predicts reliable wait times by considering appointment history and nuances specific to the customer, provider, and service type.

Say goodbye to boring, time-wasting lines

Access everything you need to elevate your waitlist experience and enable customers to arrive when you’re ready for them.

Low touch

Reduce unnecessary contact with self-serve sign in, automated queue flow, and real-time notifications.


Automatic tracking of individual queue position eliminates the possibility of skipping a higher-listed customer for a person lower down the list. Customers can also see if they were called and unavailable.


Enable customers to join the queue in under 60 seconds and wait anywhere – from the parking lot to a coffee shop!.

Increase customer satisfaction

Give guests the choice of service and provider in just a few clicks.

Advertise while they wait

Share promotions and information on new product launches at the Kiosk.

Reduce front desk crowds

Display your waitlist on a monitor outside the center to free up space inside.

Seamless repeat bookings

Guests can use the Kiosk to quickly and easily rebook services they regularly visit for based on their appointment history.
Zenoti digital forms enable our therapists to focus on the customer without worrying about the paperwork, resulting in superior customer experience.
Denise Keeler, COO
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are salon waitlists?

Salon waitlists are essentially a page, which shows up the clients' appointments that are awaiting a slot in the salon’s appointment calendar. Often the waitlist comprises client appointments that are specific to a certain provider. In other words, these are just clients, who are waiting to fill the slots that may open up due to either a cancelled booking or a no-show booking. There are many benefits of a salon waitlist, primarily being that the salons have a list of clients, who are ready to fill the vacuum created due to either a cancelled appointment or a no-show booking. These waitlists allow clients to join the queue in less than a minute and wait for their turn at their own convenience.

How do salon waitlists work?

As the name suggests a salon waitlist is just a list of clients, who are waiting for a slot to open up either on a given calendar date or in the appointment diary of a certain specific provider. They enlist themselves in the appointment book and await their turn to replace an existing client, who may cancel his or her appointment. With modern-day salon operations being run using a salon management software, creating a waitlist is an easy task. Based on the client’s preferences, the salon front desk staff can create a weekly waitlist, in the software and send automated reminders to the clients that they’re waitlisted. Thereafter, no sooner is a booking cancelled, than the system sends an automated reminder to the client on the waitlist about the slot that is available for use.

What are the benefits of a waitlist for salons/spas/barber shops?

The primary benefit of a waitlist for salons/spas and barbershops is that it limits the gaps in your schedule. In fact, a tactfully managed waitlist can ensure that there are minimal gaps in your schedule and that your business doesn’t lose out on any single revenue-earning opportunity. Second benefit a waitlist brings is that it reduces the need to charge a given client for the cancellation of an appointment. Thirdly, a waitlist vastly helps in improving your image as it shows the client that you try your best to accommodate them as per their choices.  Finally, it is a great tool to safeguard your calendar from clients who frequently cancel at the last minute.

How do I promote my salon waitlist?

There are multiple ways of promoting your salon’s waitlist. The primary way of promoting a waitlist is by sharing a link on the website or in the app. The waitlist should be easily known and accessible to all the clients/ subscribers of your salon. Secondly, you should frequently share the link to the wait on the various social media platforms where you showcase your salon’s accomplishments. Another way of promoting the waitlist is to incorporate it in the marketing emails/newsletters. If you use any of the advanced salon management software, you can also configure the chatbot to share the link to a waitlist, upon the use of certain trigger words in the communication. When implemented correctly, a waitlist is a great tool to ensure that your salon experiences minimal cancellations or no-show bookings.

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Dominic Blake
Managing Director, Blushes Hair & Beauty
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Director of Guest Service, Douglas J Companies
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