Zenoti Payments

Go completely touchless with
our integrated payment solution.

Zenoti’s touchless integrated payment solution elevates your customer experience, automating your back end effortlessly and securely. With 99.99% uptime, you can focus on your customers 100%.

Touchless transactions for a new world

COVID-19 makes hygiene concerns top-of-mind for customers and staff. Touchless payments are the new norm. Zenoti Payments elevates your customers experience with touchless check-in and checkout and mobile payment options - think Uber or AmazonGo. Your touchless tech will reassure your customers and cultivate their trust.

More value than the transaction

The features you need to make your life easier

The features you need to make your life easier

An end-to-end integration

Take advantage of our Payments solution that integrates with Zenoti ecosystem.

A versatile payment solution

Discover all the payment options you need to get the most out of your business transactions.
“I can’t begin to express how stoked I (and all the front desk employees) are about Payments! The whole process seems to work faster and smoother now. We have one shop where the desk is really tall and the employees can’t really see the iPad screen at all when a client is using it. They have told me that Mirror Mode is life-changing for them”.
Jon Gustafso
Rudy's Barbershop

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