Zenoti Wins The Best Technology For Salons & Spas Award 4th Time In A Row

Zenoti Wins The Best Technology Software For Salon Spa Award At The Indian Salon And Wellness Congress 4th Time In A Row

We are excited to announce that Zenoti has been awarded the ‘Best Technology Supplier for Salon/Spa Award’ for the 4th consecutive year at Franchise India’s 5th Annual Indian Salon and Wellness Congress in New Delhi.The award recognizes innovators who have developed path-breaking solutions to help players, in this space, run and expand their business.We are delighted to accept this prestigious award and are pleased to announce that Sudheer Koneru, Founder and CEO at Zenoti, released the Zenoti Benchmark Report at the conference on Tuesday.The Zenoti Benchmark Report is a first-of-its-kind evaluation for the beauty and wellness industry that will enable the expansion and growth plans of businesses. In addition to the findings, it illustrates how salons and spas can include online memberships and gifts cards in their marketing strategies, and leverage the capabilities offered by the latest technologies to fuel business expansion.We look forward to our industry peers using the Benchmark’s findings to implement strategies that can help them expand their business.Finally, we want to thank our customers for the trust and confidence they continue to place in us.

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