Zenoti ups the ante for multi-location spa and salon management with enterprise reporting and dashboards

Zenoti cloud based beauty wellness software press-release Seattle, WA – Zenoti, a cloud-based business management software company for the beauty and wellness industry, has launched a dashboard feature on its platform. The Zenoti Dashboard allows the user to look at a daily snapshot of business metrics including sales performance, customer retention and status of recurring membership collections, among other metrics. Users can also monitor performance against monthly targets and analyze long term business trends for action-oriented insights. After launching in 2010, Zenoti’s software has evolved to support a comprehensive set of front and back office needs in a spa and salon. The newly released dashboards enhance the system’s ability to help spa and salon owners grow their business. On the release of the latest feature, Anand Arvind, VP Products at Zenoti, said:

“The newest addition to Zenoti is a one-of-a-kind approach to reporting that gives managers easy access to the data that matters to them, in the format they want to see it. These dashboards save managers hours that are usually spent building custom reports. Corporate managers also gain transparency into locations across their network of spas and salons.”
Zenoti developed the dashboards to respond to the unique demands of each spa and salon’s reporting needs. With Zenoti’s Dashboards, users can build customized reports with metrics of their choice instead of having to look through multiple datasets, facilitating quicker decision-making. Metrics can also be defined with targets, so a quick glance shows how the business is performing. The beauty and wellness businesses have access to a substantial amount of data that is not actionable and Zenoti aims to convert this data from mere numbers into opportunities. As Zenoti moves forward, they plan to upgrade this overarching infrastructure to be compatible with business intelligence tools for large spa and salon brands.

About Zenoti

Zenoti’s cloud-based solution addresses the needs of spas, salons, medical spas, yoga studios and other service businesses in the beauty and wellness space. Zenoti’s technology is based on three principles – reliable and speedy service, capabilities that support end-to-end business processes, and ease of use. The core solution enables a business to deliver delightful customer experiences, achieve operational excellence and drive revenue growth. The all-in-one software includes capabilities for appointment booking, a CRM, built in marketing, back office capabilities, mobile solutions, analytics and more. Zenoti offers 24/7 customer service, free training, and consulting services in addition to the core software.

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