Why Move To The Cloud?

Benefits Of Using Cloud Simply put, cloud software is software on the internet. Until recently, businesses small and large would run their software locally, relying on computers connected to a server that was also stored on premise. For businesses with more than one center, there was the extra step of connecting servers via the internet. Cloud software is prevalent in our everyday lives today – whether in how we use email, store photos or access music. In our professional lives, cloud software enables a business to run more efficiently often with less effort and better results.

1.      Anywhere Access

The beauty of having your software hosted in the cloud is that it’s accessible from anywhere, as long as you have internet access. Staff can check their schedules from their phones, managers can keep an eye on the day’s expected performance from their breakfast table. And owners can stay on top of critical issues – where ever they are. Staff Schedule

 2.      High Security

Cloud software, designed properly, offers a high level of data security, from both external and internal threats. Systems or back-ups can’t be stolen or accessed. Granular level security mechanisms ensure that each user of the system is granted access to data and capabilities required for their job.

3.      Online Booking That’s Fully Integrated

Whether it’s online booking from your website or from a mobile app, cloud software makes real-time data transfers and integrations easy.

4.      You’re Always Up-To-Date

Traditional software meant that upgrades came after long durations and with both a new investment in money and time. With cloud software, upgrades are frequent and seamless. Which means that you’re always current with a bug-free and innovative product.

5.      Reports In Real-Time

Sales reports, customer behavior trends, marketing effectiveness, stock levels, commission payouts – with cloud software, you have access to the data you need, without delays. Sales Reports

6.      It’s Easy

Cloud software means that you’re focused on your business, while your software provider worries about technology. You no longer need IT expertise, don’t have to worry about back-ups, or virus attacks, investment in hardware or maintenance. Zenoti (formerly ManageMySpa) is a leading cloud solution trusted by over 5,000 spas, salons and medi-spas. With capabilities across appointment booking, billing, online booking, marketing, CRM, employee management, inventory, mobile apps and extensive multi-center support, Zenoti is the only software you’ll need to run your business. To learn more, speak to one of our consultants>  

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