Upsell Your Spa To Hotel Guests

Software Integration

If you run a spa or salon that’s part of a hotel or resort, you have different needs from a typical day spa. One of your biggest assets is that you have a captive audience that you can convert into customers. By integrating your software with the hotel’s software you have the ability to better leverage the hotel guest list and drive business to your spa.

Upsell your spa services to hotel guests

With a spa-hotel software integration, as soon as guest checks into their hotel, that guest’s profile can be pushed into your system. This enables you to grow and maintain your own customer database. More importantly, you have the ability to pull, at any time, a list of all guest’s that are currently occupying a room – those who have never tried your spa or have not booked an appointment yet – and market to them.

You can make use of guest information to target your marketing – i.e. set up different communications or offers for hotel members, high spenders, regular visitors or even first time visitors. Zenoti makes it easy for you to set up automated and targeted marketing campaigns.

Add a spa visit to the guest’s hotel bill

With an integrated system, it’s also possible for you to add a guest’s visit directly to their hotel bill. This provides the experience that guest’s expect. And, the integration makes it easy on staff as there is no manual effort involved.

In addition to adding the guest’s charges to the hotel bill, you can also add important notes to the guest’s profile.

How to integrate your software with the hotel software

HTNG is a standard that enables property management systems and hotel software to integrate with other systems, like a spa software. Zenoti is HTNG compliant, which means that integration is possible with HTNG compliant systems like Opera or Galaxy.

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