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Package Redemption

Add services to active series and custom packages directly from the appointment book. When booking an appointment for a guest, you will now see an “Active Packages” link in the guest and appointment details panel in the lower half of the appointment book. You can also track the visit frequency of a guest and managers may choose to receive an automated alert when a guest is not visiting regularly (i.e. per the required visit frequency).

Go Paperless with Receipts & Feedback Forms

Email receipts and feedback forms to guests from the payments page. You can customize these with your branding using your own html header and footers from the organizational settings page.

Feedback form

You can now customize the questions you ask on feedback forms. Simply update the questions from the Admin>Manage Organization>Settings tab. Feedback forms that you create in Zenoti can be printed directly on bills or receipts and guests can fill out the feedback form from the customer mobile app, in-store mobile app and manager mobile app. Feedback forms can also be emailed to a guest after their service.

Set Appointment Reminders by Time

You can now send appointment reminders to your guests the evening prior or on the morning of the appointment. Or, set the reminder to be sent a specific number of minutes before the appointment. To set up go to Admin>Manage Organization> Settings tab and select the appointment book view.

Process Refunds on Packages and Memberships

You can now refund balances on packages and memberships with a prepaid card or by cash. From the guest details page select the guest package or membership to refund, scroll on the refund button and click. The balance is refunded.


Track Revenue Targets by Business Units

Group specific services, products, packages and memberships and set revenue targets for each type of sale item as well as the entire business unit. Along with center level targets, business units provide another approach to monitoring performance against revenue targets. Learn more business units from How to use Business Units to assess center performance.

Partial Payments on Packages and Memberships

You can now accept partial payments for a package. Guests can redeem services for a package against partial payments. The system will automatically restrict guests from using more services than they paid for. Go to Admin>Organization>Settings tab. In the invoices and receipts drop down enable redemptions on open packages.

Create Custom Package Templates

Custom package templates are used by front desk to quickly create custom packages, while still giving management the ability to restrict services, pricing and even visit frequency for the package. Create a custom package similar to how you create a series package, but you simply designate the package to be a template. Custom packages are a powerful feature that incorporates methods that make creating custom packages quick, easy and systematic. Learn more about custom packages from the support article Working With Custom Packages.

Create Package Categories

Package categories group series packages or package templates. To add a package category go to Admin>Categories>Packages. Assign series packages and templates to a package category, when creating packages from the Admin> Packages page. When creating a custom package, the front desk can select a package category to quickly find a package template. These categories appear in all package reports to track business level sales.

Assign and Track Package Targets

Define targets for packages with a starting value and a goal. For example, set a starting value of 150 lbs or kgs and a weight loss target of 10 lbs or kgs in the target. You can enter these settings from Admin>Manage Packages>Target Description field. To get reports on guest targets go to Loyalty>Package Targets.

Updates to Packages

You can now define a package to automatically close when a target is achieved. Other updates include the ability to define package visit frequency (i.e. the required period between services in a series package) and enable alerts to identify irregular guests (based on the guest's visit frequency). These features are optional, enable them from the Admin>Organization>Settings tab.

Email Management

Reduce email bounce rates and maintain an accurate email address database by turning off invalid email address when emails bounce. The unsubscribe option will appear in the preference section of the guest details page if the email is invalid. Customers will also see an unsubscribe option in the bottom of emails.


Share Commissions

Assign shared commissions for services, products, packages or memberships to multiple employees. You can also define commission percentages for an employee. Define these settings at Admin>Manage Organization>Settings.


Default and Optional Consumable Definitions

Define default and optional products used for a service where certain consumables are common while others are specific to the guest needs. Enable Allow front desk to override product consumption option in the Admin>Manage Service page. This setting allows the front desk to Add consumed products manually for a service provided.

Print Bar Code Labels for Inventory

You can now print bar code labels using a thermal bar code label printer. Set up your printer from Admin>Manage Center > Settings tab and select the Barcode printer settings from the Inventory drop down list.


  • Daily Report: New reported created for tracking center and business unit targets.
  • Guest Package Redemption, Package Exceptions, and Targets Report: Track package history using these new reports. View reports at Marketing > Packages
  • Sales- Packages Report: Track package sold on a particular day using this report. View reports at Admin>Daily Reports and Marketing>Packages>Details report
  • Feedback Details Report: This report has been updated to provide filtering by category, sub category and services for a time period.
  • Inventory Value Report: provides details on all retail and consumable products used for a time period.
  • Use the Custom Data Report to track data in your system. You can view both Guest and Service data using this report. Access this report from Loyalty > Custom Data Report.


Your guests can now register and shop on your branded online store. You will have control over how the home page looks, color schemes, themes and what your catalog should display. To use this service please contact your sales rep.


Use our configuration settings, templates and themes to personalize your online store with the organization’s branding needs. Link your store to your website.

Layout and Features

Control what you want to show in the catalog (services, products, deals). Allow your guests to book appointments online.


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